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'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 artist Charley shares her first vlog about the Contest

One of the newly announced artists for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022, Charley, has shared her first vlog about her experience doing 'Australia Decides' and possibly going to Eurovision representing Australia.

About the vlog she shared:

"I'm just going to try and vlog everything and take you through the whole process, I feel like , you know, depending how far I get this could be a really cool thing to vlog. So I am going to do my best to do that for you guys."

Interesting little titbits that Charley revealed in the vlog include:

  • She wrote her 'Australia Decides' entry with Jim Alexander two and a half years ago and it is about about the most saddest parts of her life due to her being heartbroken over her ex.

  • Charley has been reworking the song as the original was three minutes and 40 seconds so she has has been getting it to three minutes long, so it is eligible for the competition and Eurovision.

  • Interestingly she has been reworking the song with Jim Alexander and with the person who broke her heart, Tom Jordan, who features in Charley's vlog during the Zoom meetings.

  • The live strings added to her track were recorded in Berlin.

  • She shares a sneak peek of her possible staging set up.

Expect more teases from Charley about her entry on her TikTok. You can follow here here.

Last week she shared a snippet of her entry:

In the vlog Charley also goes through her preparation on her footage for the ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’ announcement video.

In regards to the whole ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’ process Charley shares:

“I can’t believe I have so much of a say in this, I think that’s why I feel so comfortable. And also to be able to sing my own song you know a lot of song contests don’t do that, that’s why I love Eurovision, you get to sing your own.”

You can check out the full vlog here:


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