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Eurovision 2024: Semi-final qualifying odds

The first semi-final of Eurovision 2024 is just under a month away.

Ten acts from each semi-final will qualify for the Grand Final with the big five nations and hosts Sweden.

But who do the bookies think will get through?

The odds were released recently for each semi-final.

These are European markets, Australian betting markets have yet to offer odds on the semi-finals.

Before we continue, if you are considering betting on Eurovision, think about what gambling is really costing you and take measures like setting a deposit limit.

All odds collations are thanks to Eurovisionworld.

Semi-final 1

Odds as of 08/04/2024

Croatia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland and Luxembourg are all strong favourites to qualify. They are all $1.08 or under.

Cyprus, Serbia and Poland are all favoured ($1.25 or under), while Portugal and Slovenia are borderline to get through ($1.57 and $1.60 respectively).

Currently, Australia is 11th favourite to get through at $1.75.

Ireland and Azerbaijan are just behind ($2.00) while Iceland and Moldova are not favoured at all ($4.00)

It's not panic stations for Australia at this stage. Kate Miller-Heidke was down as a borderline qualifier in 2019 but went on to win the semi-final.

Semi-final 2

Odds as of 08/04/2024

Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece and Belgium are heavily favoured to get through ($1.02 and under).

Armenia, Norway, Israel and Austria look comfortable in the odds ($1.15 or under) while Estonia ($1.33) and particularly Georgia ($1.67) are borderline.

Denmark is 11th and just behind Georgia to qualify at $1.90. Latvia, San Marino and Albania are long shots ($2.75 to $3.25) but the next best in the odds. While Malta and Czechia are not favoured to qualify at all ($4.00).

There is still a lot to happen before Eurovision begins, including the rehearsals, so at this stage don't worry too much about the odds if your favourite isn't doing great in the odds.

The real and only numbers that matter are what happens in Malmö!

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