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Eurovision 2024: Host city profile Malmö

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On July 8, the EBU and SVT announced that the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 would be Malmö in Sweden.

The Contest will be held at the Malmö Arena on May 7 and May 9 for the semi-finals and May 11 for the Grand Final. The city has hosted Eurovision previously in 1992 and most recently in 2013.

As we move forward to Eurovision 2024, we take a look at next year's host city with general information about the city, its history, and travel ideas for Australian and Asia-Pacific Eurofans.

Geography and Population

As of 2022 Malmö has a municipal population of 357,377, although it's broader metropolitan areas has an estimated 766,099 people. It is as populous as Gold Coast in Queensland or around half the size of Adelaide, South Australia.

Malmö is southernmost Swedish city which plays a crucial role in connecting Sweden and the rest of Europe geographically. It has a large bridge and tunnel network which connects with the city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Öresund Bridge connects Copenhagen and Malmö.

Malmö is one of Sweden's fastest growing cities and is expected to grow by about 40 per cent by the mid-21st century.


Malmö was originally known as Malmhaug (meaning “sandpile”). It was chartered in the late 13th century, and during the late Middle Ages, its herring trade attracted German merchants from Lübeck, who settled there and named it Elbogen (meaning “elbow” for the curve of the coastline at that point).

The city has played a crucial role in driving maritime traffic between Copenhagen and the old archbishopric in Lund. Due to the loss of certain trading privileges after the union in 1658, which Malmö had during the Danish rule, there was a notable economic decline. By 1775, the city saw no large-scale economic development until the railroad was built in 1856. By the mid-19th century, this city slowly had gained its place back as an industrial and transportation centre.

What to do in Malmö?

Malmö Castle

This city blends old-town charm with modern vibes perfectly. From historical structures to vibrant nightlife, it offers something that suits every traveller. Other than Eurovision 2024, don't forget to add these things to your itinerary:

  • Take a stroll along the Malmö City Center, the largest city centre in Scandinavia, and spot the statue of King Charles X, the bronze water sculpture, and the old city well.

  • Step inside St. Peter's Church, which built in the 14th century, to marvel at the intricate and detailed paintings that were made back in those days.

  • Go on a gastronomical adventure by experiencing local food and the best of nightlife at Lilla Torg, which is in close proximity to the Stortorget in the heart of Gamla Staden, Malmö's old town.

  • Visit Malmö Castle, one of the oldest surviving castles in Sweden. Malmö City Museum, Science and Maritime House, and the Natural History Museum are all housed in this castle.

  • If you are a beach lover, experience the Ribersborgs Kallbadhus Bathhouse where you can take a swim, sunbathe, and experience the sauna.

Malmö Arena

The Malmö Arena is home to the SHL ice hockey club Malmö Redhawks. It is the second largest indoor arena in Sweden. It has a concert capacity of 15,500 people and a sporting capacity of 12,600.

The nearest airport to Malmö Arena is 12 minutes by train to Copenhagen Airport. The arena is also 25 minutes to Copenhagen Central Station. Malmö Airport – Sturup is 30 minutes away by car.

Travel and tickets

If you're travelling from Australia or Asia, most flights will connect via hubs in East Asia or the Middle East to Stockholm or Copenhagen. You can then make your way to Malmö from that destination.

It is worth noting that if you were to book tickets and accommodation now for Eurovision 2024 to be prepared that you may not get Eurovision tickets. Tickets will be extremely tight, so f you don't want to go unless you have a ticket we don't recommend buying your flights yet! Information on when tickets is yet to come out, but watch this space for more details.

And there you have some information about Malmö and preparing for Eurovision 2024.

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