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Eurovision 2024: Australia moves into the Top 10 of odds to qualify

Before we start the article, if you are considering betting on Eurovision, think about what gambling is really costing you and take measures like setting a deposit limit.

For the first time this season, Australia is in the Top 10 of the qualifying odds for semi-final 1.

Since the odds were first released, Australia has sat outside the qualifying zone in 11th and 12th place.

But overnight, Australia moved into 10 spots ahead of Slovenia in 11th and Portugal in 12th.

By taking an approach of a lyric video for the Eurovision release and not doing any European pre-parties, Electric Fields has been under the radar.

However, recently they have been sharing more social content showing off Zaachariaha's vocals.

They also spoke to Aussievision recently about flying under the radar and it's something they are no worried about. When asked about fan Zaachariaha said:

"It's a stage song, so, they can just wait, and you can wait patiently and I'm not bothered! We know we can deliver a song and we're going to have fun....but we're good at what we do."

Australia has qualified in seven of the eight times of competing in the semi-finals. It has a 100% qualifying record when performing live in the arena.

Electric Fields will compete in the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024 on Tuesday 7 May (Wednesday 8 May in Australia).

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