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Eurovision 2023: Where Australia came in each country's televote

Credit: Chloe Hashemi / EBU

As we all know by now, Voyager achieved an incredible result at Eurovision 2023 by finishing in the Top 10.

This was the fifth time Australia has finished in the Top 10 in the eight contests we have competed in.

But, for the eighth Eurovision running, our jury score was higher than our public score.

Despite winning the semi-final with 100% public vote, Voyager finished 20th with the people in the Grand Final.

So who gave us points and where did the rest of Europe rank us?

Our points came from:

8 points (3rd) - Finland

6 points (5th) - Estonia

3 points (8th) - Iceland

2 points (9th) - United Kingdom

1 point (10th) - Netherlands, Sweden

So, the points came from countries from Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

But where did the rest of Europe rank us?

Did many nations put us higher than the 20th place we finished?

The countries that had us higher than 20th were:

11th - Denmark, Israel, Lithuania

13th - Latvia, Ukraine

14th - Germany

15th - Norway

16th - Ireland, Moldova

17th - Austria, Georgia

18th - Croatia, Portugal, Romania

19th - Belgium, Poland, Slovenia

We received the dreaded 11th place from Denmark, Israel and Lithuania while nations like Latvia, Ukraine and Germany didn't have us too far out of the points.

Who had us below our final placing of 20th:

21st - Switzerland

22nd - Cyprus, Czechia, Serbia, Spain

23rd - Azerbaijan, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, San Marino

24th - Albania, Armenia

A lot of southern Europe did place us lower than northern Europe.

Interestingly, Albania gave us 12 points in the semi-final but 24th in the final.

If you look at Albania's points in the Grand Final they gave most of their points from countries they couldn't vote for in the semi-final: Italy, Sweden and Croatia were their Top 3.

Add on a different and larger audience watching the Grand Final rather than the semi-final and you begin to see that difference (though this is still quite strikingly different!).

Average ranking

Overall, Australia's average ranking was a very credible 16.8 with 23 out of 36 nations placing us in the Top 20.

This again shows at Eurovision you may not be many people's low vote, but if you can't get into that Top 10 (and particularly that Top 5) you will unfortunately fall down the public vote leaderboard.

But, on the far more positive side, Australia received points from every single nation (and Rest of the World) in their semi-final and won a public vote for the very first time.

A Eurovision to be proud of for Voyager and Australia.

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