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Eurovision 2023 results: Loreen wins for Sweden

Image Source: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Loreen has won the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden with ‘Tattoo'.

She won with a total of 583 points - 340 from the juries (1st) and 243 from the televote (2nd).

Loreen delivers Sweden their seventh win, equaling Ireland's record for the country with the most number of Eurovision victories!

Sweden has previously won the contest in 1974 (ABBA), 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012 and 2015.

Loreen becomes the first woman to have ever won the contest twice after winning in 2012 with 'Euphoria'.

Runner-up was Finland's Käärijä, with 'Cha Cha Cha' winning the televote and coming 4th with the juries for a total of 526 points.

Israel's Noa Kirel took 3rd place, finishing second with the juries and coming 5th in the televote with 'Unicorn' finishing on a total of 362 points.

15 countries gave Sweden the full 12 points in the jury vote and they were awarded 7 points by the Australian jury. In fact Sweden received jury points from every single country taking part in this year's contest!

They also received televote points from every country except Finland, yet not one country awarded them the full 12 points. They did however receive 8 sets of 10 points, including 10 from the Australian public.

Sweden also received 7 points from the Rest of the World, a combined score derived from the votes of viewers residing in countries other than those participating in the contest.

The overall Top 10 results:

1. Sweden - 583 points

2. Finland - 526 points

3. Israel - 362 points

4. Italy - 350 points

5. Norway - 268 points

6. Ukraine - 243 points

7. Belgium - 182 points

8. Estonia - 168 points

9. AUSTRALIA - 151 points

10. Czechia - 129 points

Image Source: EBU/Corinne Cumming

The jury Top 10 results:

1. Sweden - 340 points

2. Israel - 177 points

3. Italy - 176 points

4. Finland - 150 points

5. Estonia - 146 points

6. AUSTRALIA - 130 points

7. Belgium - 127 points

8. Austria - 104 points

9. Spain - 95 points

10. Czechia - 94 points

The televote Top 10 results:

1. Finland - 376 points

2. Sweden - 243 points

3. Norway - 216 points

4. Ukraine - 189 points

5. Israel - 185 points

6. Italy - 174 points

7. Croatia - 112 points

8. Poland - 81 points

9. Moldova - 76 points

10. Albania - 59 points

20. AUSTRALIA - 21 points

About the artist

Lorine Talhaoui - aka Loreen - needs no introduction to Eurovision devotees.

Loreen first broke onto the Swedish music scene by competing in the local version of Idol in 2004, where she finished 4th. She then worked as a TV presenter and behind the scenes of various reality shows before she rebooted her singing career in 2011 and competed in Sweden's national competition, Melodifestivalen.

After just missing out on the final that year, she returned in 2012 with 'Euphoria' and went all the way to win Melodifestivalen earning the right to represent Sweden at Eurovision in Azerbaijan.

Loreen's entry 'Euphoria' was an instant hit with the audience and the juries - and the song romped its way to victory in the Grand Final scoring 372 points.

About the song

'Tattoo' was written by Loreen in conjunction with Jimmy Thörnfeldt, Jimmy Jansson, Moa Carlebecker, Peter Boström and Thomas G:son.

The song is a slickly-produced up-tempo track combining tender moments with a banger of a chorus. Loreen has previously described 'Tattoo' as a "love song" with "energy and power" and "depth".

'Tattoo' has already hit No.1 on the Swedish charts and is currently sitting in 23rd on Spotify's playlist of the Eurovision Top 100 most played songs of all time.

The full Grand Final results:

Check out Dale and Mike from the Aussievision team's reaction to the live results:

Australia in the Grand Final

A fantastic result for Voyager finishing in 9th place with 'Promise' receiving 151 points! Australia finished 6th with the juries (130 points) and came 20th in the televote (21 points).

Who voted for Australia?

Jury vote

Australia received 12 points from Portugal and Iceland

10 points from the United Kingdom

8 points from Ukraine, Germany, Estonia, Cyprus

7 points from Czechia

5 points from Moldova, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Norway, Greece

4 points from Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania

3 points from Romania, Albania

2 points from Switzerland, Denmark, Georgia

A total of 130 points from the juries.


Australia received 8 points from Finland

6 points from Estonia

3 points from Iceland

2 points from the United Kingdom

1 point from Sweden, Netherlands

A total of 21 points from the televote.

How Australia voted

Australian Jury

12 - Belgium

10 - Lithuania

8 - Estonia

7 - Sweden

6 - Austria

5 - Finland

4 - Spain

3 - Cyprus

2 - Portugal

1 - Italy

Australian Televote

12 - Finland

10 - Sweden

8 - Cyprus

7 - Austria

6 - Norway

5 - Israel

4 - Croatia

3 - Belgium

2 - France

1 - Slovenia

Andrew Lambrou & Cyprus result

Australia's Andrew Lambrou finished in 12th place for Cyprus! 'Break a Broken Heart' came 13th with the juries (68 points) and 11th with the televote (58 points) for a total of 126 points!

The Australian public ranked Cyprus 3rd (8 points) and our jury also awarded 3 points to Cyprus. The Cypriot jury awarded 8 points to Australia but Australia did not receive points in the Cypriot televote.

Semi-Final Results

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has now released the full contest results including those of the semi-finals. See how Australia and Cyprus did in Semi-Final 2 here.

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