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Eurovision 2023 profile: Alex from Voyager

Tell us about your background, how did you get into music and join Voyager?

As early as I can remember I was always into the drums, playing pots, pans and pillows and pretending they were a drum set, but when I was 11 years old, I saw my friend playing the drums in the school band and was instantly jealous! When high school came around I enrolled in music as an option and was subsequently removed from the class because I’d had no previous formal training. This set into motion my DIY approach to playing instruments. I picked up my Dad’s bass and never looked back. Fast forward to my final year of high school and I meet Simone. We play in a couple of bands together before I finally get the chance to audition for Voyager at age 18. Just after my 19th birthday I embarked on my first European tour with Voyager and the rest is history!

When did you first hear about Eurovision and what has your journey been like with the contest? Have you always been a fan or is it a more recent discovery?

I only knew Eurovision as the competition that launched ABBA into one of the biggest bands on earth, as well as my parent’s favourite bands growing up. In 2006 I did lights for Voyager when they performed Lordi’s winning Eurovision single at a local gig. I remember Danny being obsessed with the fact Lordi had won, but I didn’t really get it at the time. Finally, now I get it and it’s swept me up. I’ll be watching Eurovision each year from now on, I think!

What are your passions outside of music? Tell us all about them!

Honestly, I spend so much time thinking about music, I always have a long list of things I want to do with it. So, music is still my #1 passion. I’d love to do more voice acting or just acting in general. I’m also a newbie graphic designer - I actually had to drop out of my final year of college in order to proceed with Eurovision Song Contest, so I have plans to pursue this more professionally in the near future. I’m a fan of mixed martial arts and skateboarding. I also love food and dining at delicious restaurants of which there are many in Perth.

If you could have a jam session with any three artists living or dead who would they be?

Any three… Hmmm… David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley and Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth. There are many many more! Screw it, I’m going to list them anyway! Mark King of Level 42, Alain Caron, Andrew York, Steven Wilson, Jaco Pastorious, Etienne Mbappe, Chrity Moore, Hans Zimmer… I’ll stop now before it gets ridiculous.

Which Eurovision 2023 entries are some of your favourites?

I think my band mates have covered my list already. We’re lucky to be in such a diverse and high calibre cohort of musicians.

Which three songs from Voyager's back catalogue do you think fans should check out?

I’m sorry but we’ve released seven albums, I need more than three options!

'To The Morning Light'; from Element V

'Sober'; from Univers

'Lost'; from I Am The Revolution

'The Pensive Disarray'; from The Meaning Of I

'Seasons of Age'; from V

'As The City Takes The Night'; from Ghost Mile

'Brightstar'; from Colours in the Sun

Do you have a top tip for someone visiting Western Australia? Something they must see or a hidden local gem?

King’s Park is a must for the most stunning city views, any number of our beautiful beaches and of course Rottnest Island for a wonderful weekend away, not to mention all the selfies with the cute little Quokkas!

Tell us a surprising fact or something we wouldn't know about another band member?

Danny is strangely fascinated by Australian Bogan culture… Fast cars, singlets, and barbecued meats.

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