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Eurovision 2023: Our public poll results

Over the last week we have asked fans from Australia (and abroad) to vote for the Eurovision 2023 songs in the traditional voting style (ie. 12 points, 10 points, 8 points... etc).

Each fan could only vote for a country once, but you could vote for your own nation, a little different to Eurovision.

217 fans took part with Australians making up 49% of votes, Europeans comprising 42% and the Rest of the World just under 9%. Overall a whopping 2,170 votes were cast.

The results of the public vote in reverse order:

37. Romania: Theodor Andrei - 'D.G.T. (Off and On)' (19 points)

36. San Marino: Piqued Jacks - 'Like An Animal' (32 points)

35. Poland: Blanka - 'Solo' (39 points)

34. Azerbaijan: TuralTuranX - 'Tell Me More' (54 points)

33. Greece: Victor Vernicos - 'What They Say' (90 points)

32. Ireland: Wild Youth - 'We Are One' (93 points)

31. Iceland: Diljá - 'Power' (100 points)

30. Albania: Albina & Familja Kelmendi - 'Duje' (112 points)


29. Switzerland: Remo Forrer - 'Watergun' (114 points)

28. Croatia: Let 3 - 'Mama ŠČ!' (139 points)

27. Malta: The Busker - 'Dance (Our Own Party)' (147 points)

26. Estonia: Alika - 'Bridges' (152 points)

25. Denmark: Reiley - 'Breaking My Heart' (153 points)

24. Ukraine: Tvorchi - 'Heart of Steel' (164 points)

23. Georgia: Iru - 'Echo' (180 points)

22. Portugal: Mimicat - 'Ai Coração' (186 points)

21. Latvia: Sudden Lights - 'Aijā' (202 points)

20. Germany: Lord Of The Lost - 'Blood & Glitter' (207 points)


19. Lithuania: Monika Linkytė - 'Stay' (211 points)

18. Belgium: Gustaph - 'Because of You' (217 points)

17. Netherlands: Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper - 'Burning Daylight' (217 points)

16. Israel: Noa Kirel - 'Unicorn' (267 points)

15. Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou - 'Break a Broken Heart' (270 points)

14. Moldova: Pasha Parfeni - 'Soarele și Luna' (288 points)

13. Armenia: Brunette - 'Future Lover' (295 points)

12. Serbia: Luke Black - 'Samo mi se spava' (443 points)

11. Slovenia: Joker Out - 'Carpe Diem' (460 points)

Top 10

The Top 10 results also includes how Australian respondents voted in comparison to fans from Europe and the Rest of the World as well as voters on the My Eurovision Scoreboard app.

10. Italy: Marco Mengoni - 'Due vite' (468 points)

Australia: 14th

Europe & Rest of World: 7th

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 13th

9. Australia: Voyager - 'Promise' (513 points)

Australia: 5th

Europe & Rest of World: 17th

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 22nd

8. Spain: Blanca Paloma - 'Eaea' (515 points)

Australia: 13th

Europe & Rest of World: 6th

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 7th

7. United Kingdom: Mae Muller - 'I Wrote A Song' (534 points)

Australia: 8th

Europe & Rest of World: 9th

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 8th

6. Czechia: Vesna - 'My Sister's Crown' (571 points)

Australia: 7th

Europe & Rest of World: 8th

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 6th

5. Norway: Alessandra - 'Queen of Kings' (739 points)

Australia: 6th

Europe & Rest of World: 5th

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 3rd

4. France: La Zarra - 'Évidemment' (854 points)

Australia: 4th

Europe & Rest of World: 4th

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 5th

3. Austria: Teya & Salena - 'Who The Hell Is Edgar?' (911 points)

Australia: 3rd

Europe & Rest of World: 3rd

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 4th

2. Sweden: Loreen - 'Tattoo' (1270 points)

Australia: 2nd

Europe & Rest of World: 1st

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 1st

1. Finland: Käärijä - 'Cha Cha Cha' (1360 points)

Australia: 1st

Europe & Rest of World: 2nd

My Eurovision Scoreboard: 2nd


So there you have it, Finland is the favourite entry so far this Eurovision season with Sweden in a close second.

However, for voters outside of Australia, Loreen from Sweden takes out 1st place.

The top two entries from Finland and Sweden are head and heels above the rest in points but it's worth noting the large jump from 6th place Czechia and 5th place Norway too.

Also, the large jump in points between 13th place Armenia to 12th place Serbia. Each layer of favourites has a very strong, discrete jump!

Who will take out the title in Liverpool, we have just over a month to find out!

You can see the results of our Eurovision 2022 public poll click here.

For continued updates on all the Eurovision Song Contest news follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. All links at:

*My Eurovision Scoreboard results taken 10/04/2023.


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