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Eurovision 2023: How Australia's public vote compared to Europe

Since Australia joined Eurovision in 2015, it has carved out a particular public voting pattern throughout the years.

From 2015 to 2023 we have agreed with the European public vote on four occasions with our top points generally going for more upbeat or fun songs.

Our public vote winners have been 'Heroes', 'What's the Pressure', 'Hey Mama', 'Toy', 'Spirit in the Sky', '10 Years', 'Stefania' and 'Cha Cha Cha'.

So how did Australia compare to Europe (and the Rest of the World) in the 2023 Grand Final public vote?

Where did we agree and disagree?

Let's take a look!

(A quick note: when we mention the "Europe" ranking, this is the final placing in the public vote even though it includes Australia and Rest of the World points - it's just easier this way!)

What did Australia and Europe agree on?

Käärijä – 'Cha Cha Cha' (Finland) and Loreen – 'Tattoo' (Sweden)

Australia: 1st Finland and 2nd Sweden

Europe: 1st Finland and 2nd Sweden

Australia agreed completely with Europe placing Finland in 1st place and Sweden in 2nd.

We were one of only five countries to do so with Belgium, Estonia, Iceland and Norway also getting the public vote quinella.

Let 3 – 'Mama ŠČ!' (Croatia)

Australia: 7th

Europe: 7th

Australia does love the weird and wacky and enjoyed this politically astute entry from Let 3 *exactly* as much as Europe did.

Other entries Australia agreed with Europe on:

Lithuania - 15th Australia / 15th Europe

Israel - 6th Australia / 5th Europe

Estonia - 20th Australia / 19th Europe

Norway - 5th Australia / 3rd Europe

What did Australia love more than Europe?

Teya & Salena – 'Who The Hell Is Edgar?' (Austria)

Credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

Australia: 4th

Europe: 22nd

Austria received just 16 points in the Grand Final with 7 (or 44%) of those coming from Australia alone!

The song was already popular with fans here and perhaps bleary-eyed Aussies watching at anytime from 3:00am in Perth to 5:00am on the East Coast needed a party banger opening songs like this to wake them up!

Lord of the Lost – 'Blood and Glitter' (Germany)

Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Australia: 11th

Europe: 24th

Although Australia didn't actually give Germany any points, the public put them in 11th which was 13 places higher than their public vote average.

Australians generally like a bit of rock and the fact many Voyager fans were tuning in may have also helped push up their vote a little.

Add in the camp and the over-the-top performance and it was something Aussies generally go for.

Mae Muller – 'I Wrote a Song' (United Kingdom)

Credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

Australia: 14th

Europe: 25th

Despite many British fans who think Australia doesn't vote for the UK (following the Aussie jury snub to Sam Ryder), we've actually been one of their biggest supporters.

UK made the public Top 10 rom Australia from 2015 to 2018 (yes including Electro Velvet!) and again with 'Spaceman' last year.

Unfortunately, Mae Muller missed out on points from Down Under after we placed her 14th in our vote,

However, this was 11 places higher than she placed in the Grand Final.

Andrew Lambrou – 'Break A Broken Heart' (Cyprus)

Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Australia: 3rd

Europe: 11th

Well this is hardly surprising... Aussie Andrew Lambrou was always going to get public votes from Australia, but 3rd place (only behind the top two of Finland and Sweden) was super impressive.

The only nation to give him more points was Greece who awarded Cyprus, you guessed it, 12 points!

Other entries Aussies went for more:

Slovenia - 10th Australia / 16th Europe

France - 9th Australia / 14th Europe

Czechia - 12th Australia / 17th Europe

Spain - 21st Australia / 26th Europe

Belgium - 8th Australia / 12th Europe

Portugal - 19th Australia / 23rd Europe

Serbia - 18th Australia / 21st Europe

What did Australia not love as much as Europe?

Blanka – 'Solo' (Poland)

Credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

Australia: 24th

Europe: 8th

Despite there being a bit of love for Blanka in the Aussievision team, this certainly did not translate to Australia.

Aussies put Poland 24th in the Grand Final and also gave no public votes to the entry in the semi-final.

Albina & Familja Kelmendi – 'Duje' (Albania)

Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Australia: 25th

Europe: 10th

Australia has always struggled to connect with Albanian entries.

Not one entry from the Balkan nation had ever received a point from Australia until this year.

'Duje' picked up 3 points in the semi-final from us, but unfortunately finished last in our public vote come the Grand Final.

This was 15 spots different than then 10th place result the entry received from Europe (and the Rest of the World).

Tvorchi – 'Heart of Steel' (Ukraine)

Credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

Australia: 16th

Europe: 4th

Despite giving Ukraine 12 points in 2022, the Australian public placed the nation in just 16th this year.

We were one of nine nations who failed to give any points to Ukraine, although 16th place is still a solid result.

Other entries Aussies didn't go for:

Armenia - 23rd Australia / 13th Europe

Moldova - 17th Australia / 9th Europe

Italy - 13th Australia / 6th Europe

Switzerland - 22nd Australia / 18th Europe

So, as usual, Australians did tend to agree with Europe on some of the big songs while favouring some more upbeat fun entries and natural allies.

While some other entries that didn't fall into the category didn't connect for us again (will we ever agree with Europe on Italy or Albania?).

But that is what makes Australia unique as we have a particularly dedicated audience who wake up early (or attend after travelling from the other side of the world) to watch and vote.

Let's hope we have the opportunity to do so again as a nation in 2024.

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