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Eurovision 2022 song 'Snap' dominates Spotify charts across the Asia Pacific

Armenia's 2022 Eurovision entry 'Snap' has been making a splash on charts across the world.

Thanks to viral TikTok success, Rosa Linn's song has hit charts in Europe and the Americas and has also taken off across the Asia Pacific.

It's reached no.23 in Australia and no.38 in New Zealand on the official charts, but it's Spotify where 'Snap' has really made a splash.

On the daily viral chart it has reached No.1 in six countries:




Saudi Arabia


United Arab Emirates

It has also reached the Top 10 in:

Australia - 3

Pakistan - 4

India - 5

Japan - 5

Viet Nam - 6

New Zealand - 7

Kazakhstan - 8

Hong Kong 10

While it's still been popular in Taiwan (12), South Korea (17) and Thailand (18).

We'll see if the song continues to grow and reach other charts within the Asia Pacific over the next few weeks.

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