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Eurovision 2022 semi-final 1 odds: Changes after rehearsals

Photo credit: EBU / Corrine Cumming

The past seven days have seen the first and second rehearsals of all acts taking part in the Eurovision semi-finals.

Based on the performances from vocals, staging concepts and other factors, inevitably we see the odds starting to shift.

Who rose


Placed outside the odds of qualifying in 12th place beforehand, the boys from Latvia have climbed into qualification zone in 9th place thanks to some good energetic rehearsals.

Previously around the $2.00 mark, they have climbed to around $1.70

Portugal and Armenia

Not huge rises here for this pair, but they both jumped in front of Albania and moved from around $1.25 to around $1.15.


This is more of a blink and you'll miss it climb. An expected quality rehearsal saw them jump in front of Croatia but also moved to around $2.50 in the odds from around the $2.80 to $3.00 mark.

Who dropped


Despite a solid rehearsal, Austria slid outside qualification in the odds from 10th down to 11th.

Not a spectacular dive, but their odds did drop from around $1.80 to $2.10


Marius Bear is still in a betting qualification spot in 10th place but his odds have slipped from around $1.50 to $1.80.


Although Albania is still safely in the qualification zone in 7th, they have dropped down from 5th place before the rehearsals.

She was around $1.14 to qualify, which has now dropped to around $1.25.

Still rusted on to qualify

Ukraine, Greece, Netherlands and Norway have stayed very strong as "sure" bets to qualify.


This is a very open field and some of those outside the qualification have big odds to qualify and we wouldn't be surprised to see one nab a spot.

Denmark pops in its running order and they do a solid job and are paying between $4.00 and $5.00.

Bulgaria also puts together a very solid package and come across as very professional. In a semi-final with not a huge amount of "jury friendly" entries, this package could entice a few votes and could cause the biggest surprise around $7.00.

This does feel like the kind of semi-final where anyone can qualify, so don't take the odds too seriously and be careful with your hard earned money.

Most importantly gamble responsibly and if you need help visit


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