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Eurovision 2022 odds: The big winners after rehearsals

Over the past week, all acts have had their first and second rehearsals for Eurovision 2022.

Based on the performances, from vocals, staging concepts and other factors, we inevitably see the odds start to shift.

There were some big winners in the win, top 10 and qualifying markets.

Let's take a look and who is moving in the right direction in the betting markets (and for reference we use the odds via Eurovision World for all our odds articles).

To win


Already the heavy favourite to win, Kalush Orchestra had an impressive rehearsal that saw the odds tighten even further from around $1.80 to $1.60.

United Kingdom

Following Sam Ryder's second rehearsal there was a LOT of talk about the United Kingdom's chances. This has seen their odds slash from $11 to win to around $7 and they have jumped in front of Sweden to 3rd in the odds.

To make the Top 10


An scintillating rehearsal from Chanel had more than just the Spanish fans excited! She tightened in the odds from $1.50 to $1.30 to make the Top 10, and also jumped up to 5th place in those odds. It may not be just a Top 10 she achieves!


Another impressive performance during rehearsals saw Subwoolfer move from a $1.60 to $1.40 chance to make the Top 10. They also jumped from 7th to 6th in the positions to achieve that.


Always one of the chances, Greece saw one of the bigger climbers within the Top 10 chances. She moved from $1.80 to $1.45 following her quality rehearsal.


The wildcard of 2022, Konstrakta's national final performance has been brought to the Eurovision stage with a few touches to try and help connect the audience with her message. The markets approved, she moved from 12th to 10th in the Top 10 odds, tightening from $2.50 to $2.20.

To qualify


Placed outside the odds of qualifying in 12th place beforehand, the boys from Latvia have climbed into qualification zone in 9th place thanks to some good energetic rehearsals. Previously around the $2.00 mark, they have climbed to around $1.65

Czech Republic

Always a great studio track, there were some concerns about how this would translate to the Eurovision stage. Those fears were allayed for many with a very impressive rehearsal. They moved a $1.50 chance to a $1.25 to qualify for the Grand Final.

San Marino

Achille Lauro was always going to bring something bombastic to the Eurovision stage and he didn't disappoint. Although he is still outside the odds to qualify he has tightened dramatically from $2.80 to $1.90.


Another one to watch is Ireland. Before rehearsals Brooke was placed last in the odds as a chance to qualify as a $5.00 chance. She has climbed three spots to 15th in the odds and moved into $4.30.

The odds have been rather successful over the years but they have also over inflated chances based on rehearsals.

So how accurate will they be this year? We'll find out over the coming days!


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