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Eurovision 2022: Live-On-Tape performances coming this week

Snippet of Brooke's live-on-tape. Photo credit: ANDRES POVEDA / RTÉ

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine may have been crowned the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest for 2022, but Eurovision 2022 isn't over yet!!

Over the next ten days starting today June 14 in Europe (June 15 in Australia) the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel will be releasing Live-On-Tape performances of Eurovision 2022 entries.

Not all the entries will be showcased though as a small number of broadcasters have elected not to have their Live-On-Tape performances released.

Last year the live-on-tape performances were presented through the second edition of 'Eurovision Song Celebration' most of the recorded live-on-tape (back up) performances from competing countries where presented, one week after the Eurovision 2021 Grand Final.

As a condition of entry, each broadcaster had to record a live-on-tape performance that can be used in the unfortunate scenario that an artist couldn't travel to Turin or had to quarantine on-site.

Several live-on-tape performances have already been leaked or revealed. Montengro's entry 'Breathe' by Vlanada has been officially released on her own YouTube channel.

All live-on-tape entries were scrutinised by the EBU and a representative from an independent voting observer, as well as the host broadcasters, to ensure the integrity of the Contest.

The first lot of official Eurovision 2022 live-on-tape performances to be revealed include:

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