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Eurovision 2022: Barcelona pre-party performances

Credit: @bcneurovision

The first Eurovision pre-party of the year took place in Barcelona overnight, with 10 Eurovision 2022 acts taking part.

The Eurovision 2022 artists performing were:

Albania - Ronela Hajati

Czech Republic - We Are Domi

Ireland - Brooke

Latvia - Citi Zēni

Lithuania - Monika Liu

Malta - Emma Muscat

Montenegro - Vladana

Norway - Subwoolfer

Romania - WRS

Spain - Chanel

Achille Lauro, representing San Marino, was due to perform but unfortunately was not able to.

The performances are available below:

Albania: Ronela Hajati - 'Sekret'

Czech Republic: We Are Domi - 'Lights Off'

Ireland: Brooke - 'That's Rich'

Latvia: Citi Zēni - 'Eat Your Salad'

Lithuania: Monika Liu - 'Sentimentai'

Malta: Emma Muscat - 'I Am What I Am'

Montenegro: Vladana - 'Breathe'

Norway: Subwoolfer - 'Give That Wolf a Banana'

Romania: WRS - 'Llámame'

Spain: Chanel - 'SloMo'

Other pre-parties taking place in the lead up to Eurovision are:

3 April - London

7 April - Tel Aviv

9 April - Amsterdam

15 April - Madrid

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