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Eurovision 2021 Serbia Profile: ‘Loco Loco’ by Hurricane

Serbia in Eurovision

Like many of the eastern nations at Eurovision, Serbia participated as part of Yugoslavia between 1961 to 1992. Additionally, entering as the duel state of Serbia and Montenegro between 2004 to 2006. The Balkan nation made a statement winning their first official entry as a stand-alone nation in 2007 with the magical 'Molitva' by Marija Šerifović. To date this is Serbia's one and only win at the contest.

Competing a total of twelve times with nine finals appearances - highlights include: 'Oro' Jelena Tomašević ft. Bora Dugić (6th) as a host nation, 'Nije ljubav stvar' Željko Joksimović (3rd) and 'Beauty Never Lies' Bojana Stamenov (10th).

Since their debut in 2007, home broadcaster RTS has opted for a mixture of internal selection or the national final Beovizija. The first edition of Beovizija in 2004 produced the memorable Željko Joksimović with 'Lane moje' whom went onto to claim second place for Serbia and Montenegro in the 2004 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

2021 Entry: Hurricane – ‘Loco Loco’

  • Semi-final: Serbia will perform 9th in Semi-Final 2

  • My Eurovision Scoreboard fan ranking: 22nd out of 39 entries

  • Odds to win ranking: 23rd out of 39 entries

  • Odds to qualify ranking: 8th out of 17 entries

(Rankings as of 8 May 2021)

About the artist

Hurricane are a three-piece Serbian girl band consisting of: Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević. Hailing from Belgrade - the group formed in 2017 with considerable local fame. Singing mostly in English - but occasionally in Serbian - the ladies boast 20 singles to their name with their most recent 'Loco Loco' charting at #10 locally.

Sanja is no stranger to Eurovision - competing in the 2016 edition of the contest with 'Goodbye (Shelter)'. Additionally, Ksenija is the daughter of Knez whom represented Montenegro at the 2015 contest with 'Adio' finishing 13th - their best result to date. These ladies have some Eurovision chops.'

The group won their ticket to compete at cancelled 2020 Eurovision Song Contest after winning the national final Beovizija on Feburary 29, 2020 with 'Hasta La Vista'. On December 17, 2020 it was confirmed Hurricane would remain as contestants for the 2021 contest with their entry 'Loco Loco' dropping a few months later.

Aussievision podcast Serbia episode

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