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Eurovision 2021 Semi-Final 2 - Jury show review

In the early hours of the morning the jury show for Eurovision 2021 semi final 2 took place.

These performances are what each national jury vote on ahead of the live show for televoters tomorrow.

The jury show can make or break some contestants, so let's take a look at how the entries went:


We need to start with Iceland. Overnight one of the members of Daði og Gagnamagnið were tested positive for Covid. The Icelandic delegation has made the difficult decision to withdraw from performing in this year's live Eurovision Song Contest shows. Instead their second rehearsal performance will be used. If you are wondering this is different to Australia, who had to use the live-on-tape as we couldn't make it to Rotterdam. The rehearsal footage is impressive a great overall package, though having played the footage on a screen in the arena it did lack the audience response and energy to help lift it just that tiny bit. Expect this to still qualify.

Nailed it


Gjon's Tears gave a smashing vocal performance, he absolutely nailed it. The overall performance is striking and emotive. Switzerland could easily be the jury winner for this semi final.


Another definite contender to possibly be the jury winner for this semi final. VICTORIA's delivery was amazing. A great sentimental package overall.


The Black Mamba have nailed their performance once again. A possible big jury favourite. The overall package will be well received. They are totally ready for the live semi final 2 show.

Lifted for the juries

San Marino There was a huge roar from the crowd when Flo Rida made his appearance on stage. After months of speculation he made it to Rotterdam! The energy from this performance was amazing. Both Senhit and Flo Rida work well together and overall it comes together nicely. The addition of Flo Rida really lifted the performance.

Estonia This was Uku's best performance yet, despite the overall simple staging he delivered spot on vocals that elevated his performance from the rehearsals and it is a step up from his national final performance. A great surprise and a possible qualifier for Estonia.


Rafał the entertainer really shined tonight. His vocals have improved dramatically from the rehearsals giving the juries his best performance yet. It was a real surprise. The possible Serhat type entry of the year, it might be the televoters that get him through tomorrow.

Could be a struggle with juries


Unfortunately the overall performance is still lacking. Natalia turns up the sultry vocals but there is not much else on offer. If Croatia couldn't qualify from semi final 1 with the amazing intergalactic aesthetics and costuming it hard to see Moldova get through. It could struggle with the juries.


Unfortunately she gave the best vocals she could but it came across a little overcooked and struggled with the high notes. She needed to smash it tonight to have any hope, the televoters will need to save this one.


The overall performance has come across flat, and it doesn't help it in the running order being after Serbia with Hurricane's energetic party performance.

Your country or favourite song not listed?

It means they did a great job! It was an incredible show and all 17 doing great. These are just some of our ones to pick out.

The live semi-final 2 will be broadcast tomorrow at 5:00am AEST on SBS.

Watch our video review here:


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