• Ford Carter

Eurovision 2021 rehearsals: Day 2

Sunday 9 May will see the second day of rehearsals for Eurovision 2021.

The next nine nations competing in semi-final 1 will have their first run through on the stage in Rotterdam today.

  • Cyprus: 6:00pm AEST (10:00am CEST)

  • Norway: 6:40pm AEST (10:40am CEST)

  • Croatia: 7:20pm AEST (11:20am CEST)

  • Belgium: 8:00pm AEST (12:00pm CEST)

  • Israel: 9:40pm AEST (1:40pm CEST)

  • Romania: 10:20pm AEST (2:20pm CEST)

  • Azerbaijan: 11:00pm AEST (3:00pm CEST)

  • Ukraine: 12:00am AEST (4:00pm CEST)

  • Malta: 12:40am AEST (4:40pm CEST)

The rehearsals are not open for public viewing, however accredited press do have access.

We at Aussievision will be watching and covering these rehearsals!

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And you can subscribed to us on YouTube for our review and reaction to the rehearsals.

While live tweeting, we will also be wrapping up each day on our website of the rehearsals that stood out and the ones that didn’t.