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Eurovision 2021 live-on-tape the finalists - Our rankings

This morning we watched the broadcast of the 'Eurovision Song Celebration - Live-on-Tape - Part 2 - The Finalists'.

25 of the acts who performed in the Eurovision Grand Final had their 'live-on-tape' shown.

The United Kingdom was the only nation not to participate in this show.

The show was once again hosted by Finland's Krista Siegfrids who represented the nation at Eurovision 2013 with 'Marry Me'.

You can watch the full show here, but scroll down for our rankings!

A few dedicated members of the Aussievision team woke up for another early 5:00am start to check out the show and vote for our favourites.

And the results are in:

Albania, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Iceland, Israel, Malta, Netherlands, San Marino and Spain all received 0 points

16th: Sweden - Tusse - 'Voices' - 3 points

15th: Moldova - Natalia Gordienko - 'Sugar' - 5 points

14th: Germany - Jendrik - 'I Don't Feel Hate' - 6 points

13th: Greece - Stefania - 'Last Dance' - 7 points

12th: Cyprus - Elena Tsagrinou - ‘El diablo’ - 7 points

11th: Finland - Blind Channel - 'Dark Side' - 8 points

10th: Portugal - The Black Mamba - 'Love Is on My Side' - 10 points

9th: Serbia - Hurricane - 'Loco Loco' - 14 points

8th: Bulgaria - VICTORIA - ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ - 16 points

7th: Switzerland - Gjon’s Tears - ‘Tout l’Univers’ - 18 points

6th: Russia - Manizha - 'Russian Woman' - 19 points

5th Norway - TIX - 'Fallen Angel' - 20 points

4th: France - Barbara Pravi - 'Voilà' - 25 points

3rd: Lithuania - The Roop - 'Discoteque' - 28 points

The Roop from Lithuania, as always, delivered one of the most polished and slick live-on-tape performances.

2nd: Italy - Måneskin - 'Zitti E Buoni' - 51 points

Most of the team acknowledged that Italy would have still won based on their live-on-tape. They captured that live concert feel.

1st: Ukraine - Go_A - 'SHUM' - 53 points

Ukraine was our favourite, their staging concept on par with their staging in Rotterdam, but the smaller stage environment made the performance even better and Go_A would have achieved a better result at the contest with this live-on-tape performance. They made the raft really look like they were travelling time/the universe.

Other notable mentions

The biggest glow up of the show from most contributors was Serbia! Hurricane threw the kitchen sink at this live-on-tape, including some crazy wind machines. Their dedication really lifted their live-to-tape performance.

A few of the contributors also felt that Germany's performance came together a lot more better with their live-on-tape.


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