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Eurovision 2021: Interview with Jendrik from Germany

This week we interviewed Germany's Eurovision 2021 representative Jendrik. He was internally selected by the German public broadcaster, NDR with the announcement being made back in February. Jendrik was selected by experts. He was part of 100 people and songs competing in ‘Rotterdam for Germany: a “Eurovision Jury”’ which saw the jury make the final call. He impressed two independent juries in a multi-stage selection process.

His Eurovision entry 'I Don't Feel Hate' was released end of February, along with a very creative music video produced by Jendrik with some help from his friends.

We spoke to him about his Eurovision song 'I Don't Feel Hate' including the song writing process and message behind it. Check out our interview video above. We asked him about his spirit animal, the seagull, and whether he has been to Australia.

We also touched on an initiative Jendrik has undertaken on this week on his Instagram account for #idontfeelhate week. Everyday this week on Instagram Jendrik shares peoples experiences and struggles with various types of disrespect addressed in his music video. On the first day of his week he spoke to Amanda LaCount, who is a famous dancer, choreographer, model and influencer, about body shaming. Check out his Instagram.

Jendrik will be competing straight in the Eurovision Grand Final as part of the Big 5 countries and the hosts The Netherlands on May 23 (Australian time).


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