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Details of 'Eurovision France: C’est vous qui décidez' revealed

Overnight more details of the French national final 'Eurovision France: C’est vous qui décidez' were revealed.

The show will be hosted by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini and filmed in the Paris region and will involve a two-stage voting process.

In the first stage, the top seven of the twelve as voted by the public will progress and the jury will save one of the remaining five (with four thus being eliminated); in the second stage, the ultimate winner will be decided by 50/50 public-jury vote.

The jury will be headed up by Eurovision 2016 representative Amir and include nine others, amongst them Duncan Laurence (2019 winner), Marie Myriam (1977 winner), Natasha St-Pier (2001 representative), Chimène Badi (2019 national final contestant) and Jean-Paul Gaultier, who will dress the winner for Eurovision 2021.

However one of the most important piece of news, the date of the show, is still yet to be confirmed. Originally it had been slotted in for a date some time in January.

We will be able to see the finalists in some action though, as they will perform a Eurovision medley on the show 'La Fête de la chanson française' (French Song Festival) on the France 2 channel at 9.05 pm local time tonight (Saturday 9 January).


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