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Denmark's Melodi Grand Prix - Aussievision team rank the songs 1st to 10th

This weekend will see the final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, where Denmark will select their artist and song representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, with the selection to be held in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. The 2020 edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will feature 10 acts, 5 of which were selected from the semi-final round, with the remaining 5 being automatic finalists.

You will be able to watch the final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on both DR1 and DRTV from 8pm CET on Saturday night, or from 6am AEDT on Sunday morning. To prepare for Saturday night’s show (or Sunday morning’s show), the Aussievision team have given their placements and comments on the ten commenting acts and are as follows:

1st – Ben & Tan – ‘Yes’ (81 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Emma, Mike, Fleur and Dale

  • Lows: 7 points from Guy

Emma - We don’t have any duos in Rotterdam yet which would make this the perfect song for Denmark to send to Eurovision. Ben & Tan’s voices blend really well together on this contemporary track that sounds like something Ed Sheeran could have written. I can see the crowd shouting out ‘Say Yes’ during the chorus on this one.

Mike - The studio version is a standout of this selection for me. The chorus slaps! How can you not singalong to this?! Lots of staging potential. If they can make this come to life live, it wins.

Fleur - Very Of Monsters And Men. Good folk/pop/rock song. I think this would be the right choice for Denmark to send, as it is the stand out in this contest. It is the only song that I could see as a top 10 finisher at Eurovision.

Dale - This is a ‘Of Monsters of Men’ style song that works really well. Big fan of this; if they can deliver it well with good chemistry then Denmark must say yes say yes say yes to this!

Steven - A folk-pop entry with a rousing chorus that I expect would have the Ahoy Arena audience chanting “say yes” were it to be selected. Ben and Tan are also likely to be able to deliver strong live vocals given their X Factor pedigree. The banality of the lyrics lets this down for me.

Ruby - It’s a country version of Shepard! A wonderful beat and very constructed chorus – has public appeal from the semi-final and brings a vast field of possibilities for staging. Just need to see it live now!

=2nd – Jasmine Rose feat. RoxorLoops – ‘Human’ (66 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Steven and Guy. 10 points from Emma

  • Lows: 4 points from Kyriakos

Steven - This grabbed me very quickly and didn’t let me go. I really like Jasmin’s voice and the instrumentation/beatbox inclusion also works well for me. The main hook – “are we losing being human?” – is great and I can even forgive the poor grammar as the strength of the song has won me over (as Poli did with ‘If Love Was (Were) A Crime’). I’d love to jump about to this in Rotterdam!

Emma - Interesting track that surprised me, going from something very contemporary sounding to a chorus featuring Middle Eastern style ethno beats. Lots of staging opportunities for this one.

Kyriakos - One of the more contemporary sounding songs in the Danish national final song selection. I find the song very pleasant. This song has only slightly grabbed me. I would have to see this live on stage to see if the song manages to fully entice me.

Fleur - This is another song that has grown on me. Lise Cabble (Only Teardrops) co-wrote this and those elements are there. It is a Eurovision-by-numbers song. It has a nice hook but it does need something else to elevate it. It is memorable, so that is a good thing.

Dale - This promises so much and get about two-thirds of the way there! I was expected a massive Eurobanger but got an early-in-the-night build up song. Still not bad!

Ruby – A solid dance number with a nice build – however it just seems to be lacking the final element. Vocals make this a bit more unique in a sea of well-written pop numbers, with a fair amount of potential to grow live.

=2nd – Sander Sanchez – ‘Screens’ (66 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Ruby. 10 points from Kyriakos, Steven, Dale and Mike

  • Lows: 3 points from Guy. 4 points from Fleur

Ruby - I’ve loved this entry since it was first released in the semi-final round – for simply being a well written uptempo number about technology. Considering what we know of the Rotterdam stage (and its screens!) I think this has the biggest potential for amazing staging, and hope it’ll come across live, in terms of vocals particularly, as well as I hope!

Steven - My second place goes to another entry about the overuse of technology to the detriment of real-life interaction. Sander has a really beautiful, deep, soulful voice and I enjoy how the song builds. I wanted a little something more on reaching the two-minute mark, but I still love the bridge and hope Sander manages to nail *that note*. This will be added to my 2020 NF playlist.

Mike - In a strong National Final this stands out. Good modern production gives this a quality sound. I’m not sure the chorus delivers what it really needs. But there is lots to like about this.

Fleur - This is a grower, it has potential although it is rather repetitive. A re-vamp would really benefit this song. It’s not bad, but it could be better.

Kyriakos - Sander enticed me from the first line. He reminds me of Sam Sparro. I love his look and the song sounds great. He is the stand out from the Danish selection. This is the act I am looking forward to seeing live on stage, I am expecting some big and flamboyant.

Dale - A very ‘British’ sound to this. There’s a nice but simple message in there from an interesting artist. Melodic, sticks in your head and has a great little beat.

4th – Kenny Duerlund – ‘Forget It All’ (51 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Kyriakos. 8 points from Emma

  • Lows: 1 point from Guy

Kyriakos - I love this song so much, it has been one of my favourites for a while. From Kenny’s voice to the lyrics, especially the verses in the beginning of the song, this song is just so pleasing. I hope he can make this song shine on stage and sing in that higher pitch.

Steven - This sounds reasonably contemporary, but it’s all been done before. I mostly enjoy Kenny’s vocals, except where he drifts into a “Sam Smith style” head voice – that’s just not something I enjoy listening to. In addition, by the end the continuously repeated title had also begun to grate on me somewhat. The song is, however, well put together and its message will resonate with many.

Emma - Well produced track...Kenny’s vocals are top notch and I loved how the song built up into something big throughout.

Mike - This is a good solid song with great production elements. It’s very wordy in parts and Kenny has a lot to do vocally, so the live may be challenging.

Fleur - This is a good pop song although I don’t know how memorable it would be at Eurovision. The lyrics are very clichéd which does bother me a tad. It’s one of the better produced songs and overall, I do like this song but it does not scream winner to me.

Dale - Good song! It does feel like the verses and chorus meld together a little too much though which loses impact. I like his voice and look and could it be a really good entry live.

5th – Maja & De Sarte Sjæle – ‘Den eneste goth i Vejle’ (50 points)

  • Highs: 10 points from Fleur and Guy

  • Lows: 4 points from Mike

Fleur - I like this. I love how it’s in Danish and the subtle 80’s new wave elements really appeal to me. Not sure how it would stand out at Eurovision but I really enjoy listening to it.

Steven - Some easy-listening, nostalgic (or dated?) rock, referencing Manchester (UK) bands of the 1980s and telling the tale of “the only goth” in a small Danish town. I happily listened to this but have no strong feelings either way about its merits or flaws.

Emma - This has 90’s Indie vibes which I really enjoy as a studio track, however I think the audience would struggle to connect with this one.

Mike - There’s something very atmospheric and a little retro about this. It’s a really nice mix of Indy and 80s synth vibes. Not sure it’s a competition song, but it’s a really good song. I’ll listen to this after the contest.

Dale - This has a nice soft rock Triple J sound to it. English lyrics pop up really late in the piece which is almost jarring. It’s a good addition to the line up.

6th – Jamie Talbot – ‘Bye Bye Heaven’ (43 points)

  • Highs: 8 points from Mike and Dale

  • Lows: 2 points from Steven and Ruby

Mike - I’m not sure if I really like this, or it annoys the hell out of me. For now, I like it. Song is a very contemporary sound with a chorus that cuts through. A lot hinges on the live vocal. If he nails it, this might be really good.

Dale - This is a more modern song than others in the line up. Does lack a knock out punch for me, but overall really solid.

Kyriakos - I loved this song from the first time I heard it. The chorus is catchy and infectious. I love the changes to his vocal range throughout the song. I would love to see Jamie on stage with a guitar when performing this.

Steven - A decent vocal on a so-so pop tune with a rather plodding melody and not overly interesting lyrics. This is fine, but I confess to finding the sum of its parts to make for a rather bland entry.

Ruby – In between this song being released in the semi-final round to now (being the final), this song has aged and fallen in my rankings dramatically. Repetitive, and not exactly anything ground-breaking, I have no doubt that Jamie, with his experience, will bring a solid performance to ‘Bye Bye Heaven’, however this song has lacked public appeal, having had won its place in the final as a wildcard.

Emma - Perfectly pleasant radio friendly track with good vocals but this is very forgettable.

Fleur - Nice song but it would get lost in a list of 43 others. It’s just does not stand out. A pleasant listen but that’s it for me. He has a lovely voice.

=7th – Isam B – ‘Bølger’ (30 points)

  • Highs: 8 points from Guy

  • Lows: 1 point from Emma, Ruby and Mike

Kyriakos - Isam’s vocals are unique and have character. There is a rawness with this song with some pleasant production weaved in between it all and a slight country twang.

Steven - A pleasant, guitar-led folk song with a reasonable vocal performance. Plus, since I’m not a Danish speaker, the song’s lyrics don’t overly factor into my considerations. That could be a blessing or a curse!

Dale - Decent job, good voice but ultimately the song doesn’t go anywhere.

Emma - Sweet piano ballad in Danish, I actually really like the melody of this married with Isam’s deep soulful voice but find it way too sleepy to be a Eurovision track.

Fleur - This is very DMGP, eh? It does not have to be sung in Danish to work that out. It’s a nice song to listen to but I don’t think it will trouble the scoreboard too much. I like it, but again it’s not a winner.

Mike - A song with a lot of interesting elements. It just doesn’t all gel together for me.

=7th – Emil – ‘Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig’ (30 points)

  • Highs: 7 points from Steven and Ruby

  • Lows: 2 points from Kyriakos, Emma and Mike

Steven - I’ll admit it: I’m a big softie at heart. This tender little song pulled at my heart strings, aided by Emil’s sweet voice. I can absolutely feel the emotion behind this song (a tribute to the grandfather who Emil never knew) and will re-listen to this and smile.

Ruby - There is so much to like here – between the story, guitar and vocals. Being 19 like Emil and having never known my grandfather this song is really special, and I’m glad it won the wildcard spot from the semi-final. Really like the A Friend In London (Denmark 2011 - two of whose members helped write this song) touch to it.

Emma - Emil sings so smoothly in Danish, I could listen to him all day but this track sounds like something you’d hear on a Danish insurance commercial.

Mike - There’s some very old school Danish vibes about this. I don’t completely hate it. Just partially...

Fleur - Pleasant contemporary folksy song but for me it’s just not as memorable as the others.

Dale - Soft man ballad with some traditional Danish elements…. Unfortunately, the song is a little dull.

9th – Sys Bjerre – ‘Honestly’ (24 points)

  • Highs: 6 points from Emma. 5 points from Guy

  • Lows: 1 point from Kyriakos, Fleur and Dale

Emma - Cutesy indie track that I like at first but somehow feel would like less after more listens (just like Leonora last year).

Dale - This sounds more suited to Junior Eurovision. Lyrics and overall impression feel a little juvenile to me.

Steven - Another DMGP 2020 message song (it appears to be a theme this year!), this time about the real threats posed by climate change. I enjoy Sys’ quirky tone and the verses largely work for me, but I find the chorus rather basic. Even the key change doesn’t ramp up my excitement. The lyrics are also rather twee.

Mike - This grabs your attention immediately. It’s got some really interesting production elements throughout the song. It’s going to be too saccharine for some people, but I think it has potential.

Fleur - This has an indie pop vibe. I really like the verses but the chorus is just oozing with havarti. In the end it is a very middling song. I don’t love it as much as I want to.

10th – Benjamin Kissi – ‘Faith’ (23 points)

  • Highs: 5 points from Mike. 4 points from Emma and Ruby

  • Lows: 1 point from Steven

Mike - There’s a lot going on in this, but somehow it comes off as a little simple when it counts. Maybe the live performance brings it all together?

Ruby - Lots of elements to enjoy, with unique vocals. Somehow feels modern but High School Musical-ish at the same time? Odd – but really like the guitar part however.

Emma - Radio friendly cheesy pop song with a slightly dated sound. Probably doesn’t stand out enough to go to Rotterdam.

Kyriakos - ‘Faith’ sounds like a mixture of genres mashed up together. I do get early Kanye West vibes from the mood of the song. I do admire that the song is different. It id enjoyable but I am not sure if it takes me anywhere in particular.

Steven - A pop-soft rock offering with soul undertones. On the plus side, this is upbeat. I just don’t find anything in it to get too enthusiastic about.

Fleur - This has a soul feel. It’s catchy but sounds kind of cheesy. I prefer the verses to the chorus. It does give me a ‘90’s vibe. I’m undecided has to how much I like it.

Dale - Starts well but I’m just left disappointed. It’s repetitive and doesn’t really go anywhere… it could have been so much more, needed ‘oomph’.

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