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Danny from Voyager diagnosed with cancer

Danny from Voyager has revealed the devastating news that he has been diganosed with cancer.

In a statement on Voyager's social media channels, he revealed the diagnosis would need immediate treatment and would see the cancellation of the band's European tour.

Danny's full statement is below:

"Danny here. Last week I was dealt some life-altering news: I’ve been diagnosed with cancer that requires immediate treatment.

I am absolutely devastated that we cannot perform on our forthcoming European tour, especially after this incredible Eurovision year we’ve had. I am on strict doctors’ orders to not take this lightly, put my health first and get this sorted so we can be on stage again as soon as possible. This has been an extremely hard decision to make, but one that everyone will hopefully understand.

At this stage, the tour will be rescheduled to October 2024 and we’d love fans to keep hold of their tickets where possible, but we understand if you prefer to request a refund; you can do so from your point of sale.

Voyager will perform our last show for a while at the America’s Cup Event in Fremantle, Western Australia this Sunday 24 September 2023, so come and party with us before I start treatment.

In the coming weeks I will ocus on my health and family and ask that everyone please respect our privacy. I truly value and appreciate everyone’s support and understanding during this time I’m surrounded by my incredible bandmates and team who are navigating all things Voyager whilst I am out of action.

Love, your fierce friend Danny!"

Danny and Voyager achieved a phenomenal Top 10 place for Australia at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool.

He has been an incredible ambassador for Australia at Eurovision and a wonderful supporter of fans and of Aussievision.

We are truly devastated for Danny, his family and the band. We wish him all the best in his treatment and speedy recovery.

The band's manager Lulu Davis also posted some FAQs for fans.

Q: What kind of cancer is it and will Danny be okay? A: We please request you respect Danny’s privacy on this matter until he is ready to share further information publicly. Please be assured he is getting the best treatment available to him.

Q: When will the tour be rescheduled to? A: We are rescheduling the tour to October 2024. The organisers of Euroblast have reserved us another headline slot for next year and we’re very grateful for their understanding.

Q: Can I get a refund on my ticket? A: Please contact your ticket provider for more information.

Q: What about the Australian tour? A: It’s too early to know yet what the forthcoming weeks/months will hold. We will endeavour to communicate with you all as soon as possible. For now the tour is still going ahead.

Q: How can I support the band during this time? A: You are already supporting us just by being our fan!

As always you can purchase merchandise from the following stores: Kings Road (UK/EU), Merchbooth (USA), Wild Thing Records (AU). [Please note we are transferring all Australian merch to Wild Thing and it will be live within the week].

Alternatively you can sign up to the band’s Patreon to get exclusive behind the scenes content and updates.

Please feel free to join our fan group and Discord community, we always love seeing your posts here.

Relevant links: Patreon - Facebook fan group - Discord Community -

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