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Danny Estrin from Voyager to be Australia's spokesperson for Eurovision 2024

This morning Danny Estrin from Voyager announced he would be Australia's spokesperson for Eurovision 2024.

On social media, he said:

"Being asked to shout the douze points for Australia is yet another pinnacle of my whole Eurovision Song Contest experience."

Before adding:

"I won’t try to out-sartorialise Lee Lin Chin, but I’ll be sure to glitz and glam for these iconic 15 seconds. This will truly cement my entire existence into the glorious fabric of Eurovision."

Voyager competed at Eurovision 2023 placing 9th for Australia with 'Promise.'

Danny is the first former Eurovision artist to be a spokesperson at the time of presenting the points.

In 2019, Electric Fields read the votes for Australia but they had yet to grace the Eurovision stage.

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