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Dami Im wins 'Eurovision Again' 2016!

Justice was served this morning.

Eurovision Again, the weekly watch party that has taken the Northern Hemisphere by storm, featured the 2016 contest Saturday night their time.

4,633 fans voted and declared Australia and Dami Im's 'Sound of Silence' their winner for 2016!

Bulgaria was 2nd and Russia 3rd. Eurovision 2016 winners Ukraine finished 4th.

Eurovision Again was created by British Eurovision journalist Rob Holley and has had the support of the Eurovision Song Contest itself.

Every Saturday night from 8pm in UK (5am in Australia) fans gather around their TVs and laptops in isolation to revisit old contests and vote for a winner.

The contest consistently trends across Europe on Twitter and it is a huge honour for Autsralia to win.

The event is also fundraising tens of thousands of pounds for three amazing Mermaids, Terrence Higgins Trust and Stonewall.

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