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Czech Republic songs for ESCZ 2020 revealed and open for international public vote

Tonight the Czech broadcaster Česká Televize announced the songs that will be competing in ESCZ 2020.

Last week just the artists were announced, and this week their songs were finally revealed.

The seven songs are as follows, and can all be listened to via the official Eurovision app.

  • Barbora Mochowa – ‘Among White & Black Holes’

  • Pam Rabbit – ‘Get Up‘

  • Olga Lounová - ‘Dark Water‘

  • Ben Cristovao – ‘Kemama‘

  • Elis Mraz & Cis T – ‘Wann Be Like‘

  • Karelll – ‘At Least We've Tried‘

  • We All Poop – ‘All The Blood (Positive Song Actually)‘

Along with listening to all the songs through the official Eurovision app, voting is also done via the app. Anyone can vote, it does not matter where you’re from - even from Australia.

Voting is now open until 2nd February at 8pm CET (6am 3rd February AEDT), with the winner to be announced the following day.

Cast your vote via the official Eurovision app (DOWNLOAD) by going to the 'ESCZ 2020 · VOTE NOW' tab.


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