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Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou releases his Eurovision 2023 song 'Break A Broken Heart'

Photo credit: Andrew Lambrou

After months of anticipation the wait is over! Andrew Lambrou has released his Eurovision 2023 entry for Cyprus called 'Break A Broken Heart'.

The song is written by Thomas Stengaard, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Jimmy Jansson and Marcus Winther-John all of whom have written Eurovision entries in the past.

It is a song about relationships that end with a broken heart but in the end they might very well push us to rise again from the ashes, even stronger.

The 'Break A Broken Heart' music video is directed by Giorgos Benioudakis who has collaborated with many Greek music artists including Eleni Foureira. Andrew flew to Greece weeks ago to film it.

The young singer songwriter is from Sydney and is an Australian with a Greek Cypriot family background.

Andrew's 2023 Eurovision participation is part of a collaboration between CyPB, Panik Records of Greece and City Pop Records of Australia.

Cyprus debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1981 with the Island performing ‘Μόνικα’ finishing up in 6th place. Over the years Cyprus managed to reach fifth place three times firstly in 1982 with Anna Vissi’s ‘Μόνο η αγάπη’ and then again in 1997 with Hara & Andreas Constantinou ‘Μάνα μου’ and again in 2004 with Lisa Andreas’s power ballad ‘Stronger Every Minute’. It wouldn’t be until 2018 when Cyprus would get its best result yet when Eleni Foureira stormed Eurovision Song Contest with her runner up placed epic banger ‘Fuego’.

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