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Celebrating the love between Australia and Denmark for Constitution Day

Today is Constitution Day, the national day of Denmark. It honours the Danish Constitution, because both the first constitution and the current constitution were both signed on this date in 1849 and 1953 respectively.

To celebrate the day, we wanted to take a look at the voting history between Denmark and Australia and see if it's as strong as our relations with the nation are.

Australia and Denmark share a warm and friendly international relationship, personified with Australia's own Princess Mary of Denmark. She was a former marketer and real-estate agent from Tasmania that was swept off her feet by a Danish Prince during the Sydney Olympics.

Was there as much love between the Danes and Australia in Eurovision? Let's take a look...

2015 Vienna

Australia - Guy Sebastian - 'Tonight Again'

With Australia not having to compete in the semi final, the Danes had only one opportunity to vote for us, and they did! The 8 points received (as a combined score) came after their jury placed us 3rd and the televote put us 2nd. Only Austria, Sweden, UK and Norway gave us more points.

Denmark - Anti Social Media - 'The Way You Are'

Denmark didn't get out of the semi final, but that wasn't because of Australia. Four points were sent from us,with only Hungary, Estonia and Romania giving the Danes more points.

2016 Stockholm

Australia - Dami Im - 'Sound of Silence'

In 2016, Australia and Denmark competed in same semi final, and the Danes loved ‘Sound of Silence’, giving Australia 8 points from the televoting and the maximum 12 points from the jury.

The Danish love for ‘Sound of Silence’ continued in the Grand Final, with Australia getting 10 points from both the Danish televoting and jury. The total of 20 points was our 3rd highest score from any nation.

Denmark - Lighthouse X - 'Soldiers of Love'

Unfortunately for the second straight year Denmark didn't make it out of the semi final. The Australian public did give 'Soldiers of Love' song 1 point in the televote, which wasn't too bad considering it finished 17th in the semi final.

2017 Kyiv

Australia - Isaiah Firebrace - 'Don't Come Easy'

Denmark only had a chance to vote for Australia in the final and boy did we need them! We receive 8 points from their jury (Only Czech Republic, UK, Sweden, Finland, Iceland gave more), but the real news came from the 2 points from the televote. These were the ONLY televote points Australia received, and Denmark the only nation to give us jury and televote points in the final.

Denmark - Anja Nissen - 'Where I Am'

Well Danish-Australian relations don't get better than this! Australian Anja Nissen ('The Voice Australia' winner 2014) with Danish heritage through her parents, performed for the nation with an Australian written song.

The Australian public gave Anja 8 points, the only televotes Denmark received in 2017. They also received 5 points from Australia, for a total of 13 points - the highest of any nation for Denmark that year.

2018 Lisbon

Australia - Jessica Mauboy - 'We Got Love'

In the semi final Australia received the most points from... Denmark! The 20 points (12 points from jury, 8 points from the televote).

In the Grand Final, Denmark again gave Australia the most total points. 10 points from the jury (equal highest) and 2 points from the televote (one of only three countries to give Australia points from the public).

Denmark - Rasmussen - 'Higher Ground'

The semi final love-in continued with Australia giving Denmark the highest total points (18) including douze point from the public.

In the Grand Final the public got behind the Danes yet again, giving them our 10 points with only Sweden, Hungary and Iceland giving them more.

2019 Tel Aviv

Australia - Kate Miller-Heidke - 'Zero Gravity'

In the Grand Final Australia received a total of 2 points from Denmark. The lowest from them in our history at the contest. The points came from the televote while the jury inexplicably gave Kate's extraganza 22nd out of 25 songs.

Denmark - Leonora - 'Love is Forever'

Love it seems wasn't forever, with Australia not giving Denmark any points for the first time. In the Grand Final both the jury and televote placed the song in 17th.


One thing we need to also remember is that the Danes also were the first to welcome Australia on stage at Eurovision. Jessica Mauboy performed her semi final interval act in Copenhagen!

But what were the final voting tallies?

All up Australia received 53 points in the five Grand Finals from Denmark, the 5th highest we've received from any nation.

Denmark has received 23 points from Australia in the three Grand Finals they have participated in. This is the 6th highest points they've received in that time.

Although 2019 saw a blip in the history of the Australian-Danish points love-in, we're pretty sure both countries can expect to receive points from each other in the future.


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