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Bulgaria's potential Eurovision 2021 songs for VICTORIA - Aussievision team's rankings

These five songs, along with previously released single ‘UGLY CRY’, are the six songs being considered in Bulgaria’s internal selection process.

With all six songs released, we decided to vote on our favourites. So here is who the Aussievision team thinks BNT should select as their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

=1st: ‘UGLY CRY’ (3 votes)

Emma: “I find it hard to compare multiple songs from the same artist but I’m going with ‘UGLY CRY’ simply because it’s the one that sounds most Eurovision ready. I love VICTORIA’s voice and this is a great EP but most of these songs are too melancholy for me. As the first song to be released, and the only one to have a proper music video at this stage, I feel like the other tracks are more of an afterthought and that perhaps this is the one she would most like to compete with.”

Laura: “It was really tough for me to choose between ‘UGLY CRY’ and ‘Imaginary Friend’ as my favourite but while the latter makes for an excellent studio track, I’m not sure how well it would translate live on the Eurovision stage. ‘UGLY CRY’ is my choice in this selection because it’s contemporary, dark, well-produced, lyrically and musically interesting, yet the song seems to have a wider pop appeal that would lend itself well to the Eurovision stage. The chorus is catchy and it’s easy to get hooked from the very first listen.”

Kyriakos: “I found it difficult to choose my favourite. These songs are not the style of songs I listen to. They are rather dramatic but the production is top notch and the songs are beautifully put together. But at the end ‘UGLY CRY’ is more digestible to me. Her vocals are beautiful. I can’t picture it on the Eurovision stage.”

=1st: ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ (3 votes)

Josh: “I was heartbroken when my fave Eurovision song of 2020, ‘Tears Getting Sober’, was cancelled and this songs sounds like the closest relative to it. I love the progression of the slow marauding first half that eventually builds into the choir backed crescendo final section. I think this song hasthe most smart title of the 6 and the lyrics are extremely well crafted, intelligent, and very relatable. I love the Tetris reference. Her voice sounds as pristine and delicate as ever and if she brings this to the main stage, Bulgaria is guaranteed another success in their comeback Eurovision journey they have been on ever since 2016.”

Steven: “Wow, VICTORIA wasn’t kidding with the title of her EP, was she? To be honest, all six tracks “a little *too* dramatic” for me. However, based on the poignancy of some of the lyrics (ignoring the weird “nervous system’s aching” repetition), the build (lacking from the other five songs), the choir’s introduction part way through and the positive note at the end (“know that you’re worth saving”), my choice is simple: ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’.”

Liv: "There is a certain pretty, delicate, simplicity to this that I really like. The backing vocals are strong and anthemic towards the end which provides it with an actual climax - something the other four options don't have. I don't mind it lyrically - a few lines feel a bit mangled but otherwise good."

3rd: ‘Dive Into Unknown’ (2 vote)

Ford: “Choosing one of these six song was really difficult. I was a fan of all of them, and covering their releases made this past week a really good one. Highlight of my day every day. But ‘Dive Into Unknown’ just has something that makes it stick in my head. The deep sound and melody really resonated with me, and the songs connection with the sea – both its beauty and ferocity – really reminded me of how impossible it is to see what’s really going on in someone’s life beneath the surface. ‘Phantom Pain’ came in a really close second, but to be perfectly honest, all of the songs from her new EP ‘A Little Dramatic’ were very close to each other in my rankings. VICTORIA is going to do well on the stage in Rotterdam, no matter which of these six songs is eventually chosen.”

Dale: "This one stood out for me as it was probably the most simple and mainstream. It's a lovely little melodic ballad, that has an almost throwback feel. The fact the 'kooky crazy pop / taking my art very seriously' is dialled down also helps. I like it, without being in love with it"

=4th: ‘The Funeral Song’ (1 vote)

Cooper: “Its really between this and ‘UGLY CRY’ for me but ‘The Funeral Song’ is such a fascinating product that would be completely original and fresh on the Eurovision stage. The real dark lyrics paired with the most upbeat production of the six songs makes for a real roller coaster of a song. The staging potential for ‘The Funeral Song’ could be something else! My only worry is that the themes of the song may not be well received with Europeans during COVID times but that aside I really like this song!”

=4th: ‘Imaginary Friend’ (1 vote)

Hugo: “I don’t dislike any of these songs, but ‘Imaginary Friend’ is the one which stands out to me. The verses are haunting and make you want more, then the chorus comes with those ethereal melodies, the humming which just screams quality. I absolutely love the lyrics as well – they’re really poignant and VICTORIA’s diction and tone are spot on. Not necessarily sure this is the best song for Eurovision out of the lot, but this stays true to VICTORIA’s style and it is certainly my favourite.”

=4th: ‘Phantom Pain’ (1 vote)

Fleur: “Honestly none of these songs are my go to cup of tea but I found this the most interesting to listen to. I liked the synth sounds and general melody a lot, they gave the song an extra dimension that the other 5 songs don’t have. Overall, I don’t think any of the songs are Eurovision ready. They are all too long. Also, if I was a purely a contest fan none of these songs would give me a winner’s feeling. They are all growers. VICTORIA is a talented singer and lyricist but the lyrics are all too complex and deep for a song contest where 3 minute first impressions on the night are the key factor. The EP itself is fantastic, it will do well on indie/alternative music charts. The Eurovision Song Contest? She will have to have some memorable staging.”

Those are our picks, but which are yours?

Bulgarian broadcaster BNT and iCard have launched the platform for Eurovision fans to give their feedback on the six potential Eurovision songs for VICTORIA to sing at Rotterdam. Check it out here, including what VICTORIA has to say about her songs.


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