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Bulgaria reveal their artist for Eurovision 2022

Tonight Bulgaria revealed their artist for Eurovision 2022 and it's rock supergroup Intelligent Music Project with Ronnie Romero.

The band features Bisser Ivanov, Slavin Slavchev (X Factor Bulgaria winner), Ivo Stefanov, Dimiter Sirakov and Stoyan Yankoulov.

Stoyan previously competed at Eurovision in 2007 with 'Water' and in 2013 with 'Samo Shampioni'.

Ronnie Romero is a Chilean performer who has been part of numerous groups including s Lords of Black, Rainbow, The Ferrymen, Michael Schenker Group, and Sunstorm.

Their song is called 'Intention' but will be released in early December.

To get a taste of their music check out 'Every time' below which features both the group and Ronnie Romero.

Bulgaria made their debut at Eurovision in 2005 with a runner-up position in 2017 with 'Beautiful Mess' their best result.


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