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Beknur Zhanibek and Alinur Khamzin will represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision 2021

Photo credit: KHABAR

Overnight, Kazakhstan chose their participant for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 – and in a surprising twist, it’s a tie!

Beknur Zhanibek and Alinur Khamzin will together represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision 2021 after they both rose to the top of the leaderboard in the national final, which took place in Nur-Sultan.

After the televoting and initial round of jury voting was complete, both participants had received 30.5% of the vote. This gave the power to decide the winner to the jury – but they also proved unable to separate the two competitors, and so a decision was made to send them both!

Beknur and Alinur fended off tough competition from eight other young vocalists:

  1. Alimzhan Tugelbai – 'Senem Elä'

  2. Zhan Makim – 'Bile'

  3. Ekaterina Tabarina – 'Fotomodel'

  4. Beknur Zhanibek – Human'

  5. Adina Sulenova – 'Äkeshim'

  6. Armen Sahakyan – 'Bala Makhabbat'

  7. Ayganym Amantay – 'Armanym'

  8. Amina Asgatova – 'Qimylda'

  9. Alinur Khamzin – 'Ertegi Älemi''

  10. Abilgayyr Zhumabay – 'Indigo Bala'

There has not yet been an official announcement regarding the entry the two singers will perform in Paris.

You can watch Alinur’s performance here:

Debuting in 2018, Kazakhstan has had an excellent track record at Junior Eurovision to date. Kazakhstan is coming off a high, having finished in second place on their previous two appearances, with Yerzhan Maxim singing 'Armanyńnan qalma' and Karakat Bashanova singing 'Forever'.

You can find out more details on the Junior Eurovision artists, songs and competition details at


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