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Australian Eurovision artists join the #VaxTheNation campaign

A coalition of the biggest names in the Australian entertainment industry including some of our Eurovision stars have banded together with others to launch the #VaxTheNation campaign today.

More than 400 musical artists, performers, and entertainment companies have made the join effort, imploring Australian’s to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

And Australia’s 2021 Eurovision entrant Montaigne has voiced her support in joining the campaign, with her being quoted on the #VaxTheNation front page.

“It’s our moral duty to protect and look after each other and getting vaccinated is the best way to do that right now! I’m fully vaccinated and I feel great. I implore you to do the same!” - Montaigne

Montaigne isn’t the only Australian Eurovision star supporting the #VaxTheNation campaign, which is also being supported by a plethora of Australian musical artists.

The campaign is also being supported by Australian Eurovision representatives Guy Sebastian (2015), Isaiah Firebrace (2017), and Kate Miller-Heidke (2019).

Even Australian national final competitors are behind the campaign, including 2019 entrants Courtney Act and Sheppard, and 2020 entrant Didirri.

“Let’s get back to the magic of live events. Stop the interruptions. Vaccinate the nation.” – #VaxTheNation home page

The Mushroom Group has partnered with YouTube and TikTok to launch the campaign, which has stated that more than 75,000 jobs were lost in 2020 alone.

Matt Gudinski, CEO of the Mushroom Group, told Fran Kelly on ABC Radio Nation Breakfast that he hoped the power of the message coming from the entertainment industry as a whole would be able to resonate with Australians.

To find out more about the #VaxTheNation campaign, including the more than 400 other supporters of the campaign, and to find out where you can get vaccinated, you can visit the #VaxTheNation website at


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