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Australia scores points in the Euro Jury 2022 from Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland and Italy

Image credit / Eurovoix

So far the top 10 placings in the Euro Jury 2022 have been revealed from 24 countries.

Sheldon Riley's 'Not The Same' has received points from a further five countries.

The Euro Jury makes a return for 2022 where artists, musicians, and songwriters are invited to vote on this years Eurovision songs as part of the jury. This makes up for 50% of the vote. The remaining 50% is decided by the public.

The Euro Jury 2022 is organised by the Eurovoix team. They have selected 150 jury members from 47 countries.

Each juror is asked to create a ranking of their favourite competing Eurovision 2022 songs which is combined with the other jurors in their country.

The follow countries have placed Australia in their top 10 and their top 3 (shown in bold):


The jury members from Finland are:

  • Annica Milán – Participated in Finland’s Eurovision 2016 selection

  • Heini Ikonen – Backing vocalist for Finland at Eurovision 2016 and 2019

Image credit / Eurovoix


The jury members from France are:

  • Juliette Moraine – Participated in France’s Eurovision 2020 selection

  • The Divaz – Participated in France’s Eurovision 2019 selection

Image credit / Eurovoix


The jury members from Iceland are:

  • Hera Björk – Represented Iceland at Eurovision 2010

  • Eiríkur Hauksson – Represented Iceland at Eurovision 2007 and 1986

  • Helga Möller – Represented Iceland at Eurovision 1986

  • Daniel Oliver – Participated in Iceland’s Eurovision 2019 selection

Image credit / Eurovoix


The jury members from Ireland are:

  • Eamonn Toll – Represented Ireland at Eurovision 2000

  • Miles Graham – Participated in Ireland’s Eurovision 2022 selection

  • Kenneth Giles – Irish Eurovision 2018 jury member

Image credit / Eurovoix


The jury members from Italy are:

  • Arianna Mereu – Backing vocalist for Italy at Eurovision 2014

Image credit / Eurovoix

Out of the 24 countries to reveal points so far Australia has been placed in the top 10 of 12 countries, with four countries placing Australia in their top 3.

The full results of The Euro Jury will be revealed during the course of April 29.

You can follow the results from all countries as they come through on the Eurovoix website.


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