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Australia's Eurovision votes to Germany - which entries have been our favourite?

Today is German Unity Day, which is the anniversary of German reunification in 1990 when the separation between West Germany and East Germany came to an end.

Germany are part of the "Big 5" nations who go straight through to the Saturday night Eurovision Grand Final.

This means that Australia has been able to vote for Germany in every Eurovision Grand Final since we debuted in 2015.

We decided to look at how Australia voted in those years and which German songs we favoured during that time.

To make it fair we are combing their placings with our televote and jury, with the lowest points winning (eg 1st and 1st = 2 points, 26th and 26th = 52 points).

Without further ado, let's look at the placings:

5. Levina - 'Perfect Life' (2017)

40 points

Televote: 23rd

Jury: 17th

Levina finished 25th in 2017, just avoiding last place which went to Manel Navarro's 'Do it for Your Lover'. The Australian televote agreed with much of Europe, placing it near the bottom in 23rd. The Australian jury, which has been quite generous to Germany over the years, only placed it in 17th with juror Lucy Durack ranking it 18th.

4. Jamie-Lee - 'Ghost' (2016)

35 points

Televote: 21st

Jury: 14th

Germany finished last for the second year running, only picking up 11 points in total on the night (including only 1 point from the jury). Australia's jury wasn't as harsh as many nations, placing it 14th in the jury including a 12th place from former Australian Idol presenter Jamies Mathison. The televote however was outside the Top 20 in 21st.

3. S!sters - 'Sister' (2019)

33 points

Televote: 25th

Jury: 8th

S!sters (who weren't siblings) infamously received 0 points from the televote in 2019 and that's exactly what the Australian public did with the song. They received our worst televote result finishing in 25th and LAST place.

Remarkably though, they did received actual points from the Australian jury who placed them 8th overall on the night. Alice Chance, the composer of Australia Decides song 'Data Dust', ranked the song 2nd overall, while none of her fellow jurors placed it in the Top 10.

2. Ann Sophie - 'Black Smoke' (2015)

30 points

Televote: 18th

Jury: 12th

Despite getting the dreaded 'nul points' on the night and finishing last, Australia didn't actually mind this German entry. The televote ranked it in a respectable 18th place, the second highest the Australian public has placed a German song. The jury put this high in 12th place including an 8th spot from Channel 9 Entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins. We won't comment on whether Ann Sophie's opening "bottom shot" had anything to do with that...

1 Michael Schulte - 'You Let Me Walk Alone' (2018)

11 points

Televote: 9th

Jury: 2nd

The 2018 entry was easily the most successful German song in Europe in recent years and Australia was no exception. Michael finished 4th on the night helped by a strong jury score including 10 points from Australia.

The Australian jury placed this 2nd on the night including 2nd place by ABC music reporter Zan Rowe and proving his taste is diverse, 3rd place from two-time juror Richard Wilkins.

Although the Australian televote didn't come for the song as much as the jury, Michael did manage to receive the first ever televote points from Australia to Germany.

Special note

Ben Dolic - 'Violent Thing' (2020)

Although there was no contest or official vote, the German 2020 entry finished in 9th place in SBS's 'Big Night In' show in May. This would be equal with Michael Schulte's televote result, so it was certainly popular with Aussie audiences.

So what will 2021 bring? Will Germany bring another entry that gets the attention of both the Australian public and jury, or will it be another disappointing 'nul points' from Down Under? We will find out in May.


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