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Australia's Eurovision fan club reveal their votes in the OGAE Song Poll 2021

Each year the fan clubs from across the world vote for their favourite Eurovision songs ahead of the event.

The clubs are part of OGAE International who organises the poll and helps coordinate the clubs worldwide.

Each of the 40+ clubs reveal their Top 10 songs in traditional Eurovision voting with former winners including 'Euphoria', 'Toy' and 'Only Teardrops'.

The Australian club, ESCFAN OGAE Australia, revealed their votes overnight and the Top 10 was:

12 points - Lithuania: The Roop - 'On Fire'

10 points - Malta: Desitny - 'Je me casse'

8 points - Switzerland: Gjon's Tears - 'Tout l'Univers'

7 points - Ukraine: Go_A - 'Shum'

6 points - San Marino: Senhit - 'Andrenalina'

5 points - France: Barbara Pravi - 'Voila'

4 points - Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou - 'El Diablo'

3 points - Iceland: Daði Freyr and Gagnamagnið - '10 Years'

2 points - Italy: Måneskin - 'Zitti e buoni'

1 point - Ireland: Lesley Roy - 'Maps'

Overall Switzerland leads ahead of Malta and France while Australia's favourite Lithuania is in 4th.

Australia is among 16 nations who have yet to snag a point.

You can join the ESCFAN OGAE Australia club at

The full current standings are below:


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