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Australia picks up points from Ukraine in Euro Jury 2021

Since 2013 fan site Eurovoix has been holding 'Euro Jury' a contest that sees artists from all over Europe vote on the songs and combined it with a public vote.

The last two Eurovision winning songs 'Toy' and 'Arcade' were former Euro Jury champions while it also has a strong record of predicting high scoring jury songs.

When looking purely at which songs former Eurovision, national final and Junior Eurovision artists go for, it successfully picked 'Sound of Silence' as a clear jury winner, while jury favourites like 'Don't Come Easy', 'Nobody But You' and 'Too Late for Love' all finished high in their respective years.

So far in 2021 the Top 10 of eight nations have been revealed and overnight Ukraine's votes came out with Montaigne's 'Technicolour' in their Top 10.

The full results and placings won't be known until a live Euro Jury show on May 7 (European time) but for now each nation's Top 10 (with Top 3 in bold) is revealed.

The jurors for Ukraine were:

  • Julinoza – Participated in the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision in 2018

  • Aghiazma – Participated in the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision in 2017

  • Sophia Ivanko – Represented Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Poland

So far out of the eight votes received these countries have the most amount of times in a Top 10:

  • Malta - 7

  • France - 6*

  • Italy - 6

  • Switzerland - 5

  • Bulgaria - 4

  • Cyprus - 4*

  • Iceland - 4

  • Israel - 4

  • Romania - 4

  • Sweden - 4

  • United Kingdom - 4

* Means their country has voted so it is out of seven rather than eight

While these are the countries with the most Top 3 appearances so far:

  • Italy - 4

  • Malta - 3

  • Switzerland - 3

  • Finland - 2*

  • France - 2*

  • Israel - 2

So far 29 entries out of the 39 have received points.

Jury results are being revealed day-by-day with the full breakdown announced on May 7 at


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