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Australia Decides - Who might compete?

So today SBS announced Eurovision Australia Decides will be back next February 7-8 with the winner representing Austraslia at Eurovision in 2020.

Australians will once again get a say in who goes, but who might be competing in the first place? We recently asked fans who they wanted to see and we've put together a list of fan favourites plus those we'd like to (and the ones we think we'll) see.

The Returning artists

We'd love to see all the artists from 2019 again but two names came up consistently from fans... Electric Fields and Alfie Arcuri. Both have gone on to do great things since the contest and we can definitely see them back competing, but will it be 2020, we'll just have to wait and see.

Fan Favourites

First off.... let's cut out some of the names we just can't see doing it, no Kylie, no Keith Urban, no Sia (though we still hold hope one day she might write a song) and even no Delta. So who might be up for it?

The Veronicas

The Veronicas are mentioned every year when it comes to who might be representing Australia and we can see why. The twins are striking and know how to put on a show (Logies glitter anyone?). Household names in Australia with some success overseas, their songs are good pop that would do well on the Eurovision stage and for a European audience.

Samantha Jade

Samantha Jade won X Factor in 2012 and went on to have a solid pop career in Australia with seven Top 40 singles up until 2016. A move to LA didn't work out and last year she released an album of covers and a Christmas album. A cracking pop artist, with the right song she could wow European audiences and we'd love to see her on the Gold Coast.


Ricki-Lee made her name on Australian Idol and went on to a successful pop career with five Top 10 hits and 12 Top 40 hits. However her last Top 40 hit came in 2014 but she has undergone a mini come-back as of late with a hosting gig on Australia's Got Talent. Still releasing music, Ricki-Lee has hinted (trolled) at competing in Eurovision in the past. Could this be the year she has a crack?

Client Liaison

This was a surprise to us but their name came up again and again. Client Liaison are an indie pop duo known for their 80s style - not just in their music, but in their fashion and iconic music videos. They are certainly quirky and would put on quite the stage performance. Definitely worth checking out.

The Reality Stars

Sheldon Riley

20-year-old Sheldon is known from two appearances on The Voice Australia where he placed 3rd in Season 7 and 5th (semi finals) in Season 8. Not shy and retiring his fashion and penchant for a dramatic performance had many fans saying he would be a perfect fit for Eurovision.

Diana Rouvas

The winner of Season 8 of The Voice Australia after finishing 5th on the first season back in 2012. The woman can sing (2012 'Love on Top' performance goes down in Australian history) and she was a popular winner this year. She would need the right song but we would certainly like to hear those belting vocals at the GECC.

Bella Paige

After finishing runner-up on The Voice Australia Kids in 2014 she went on to represent Australia at Junior Eurovision in 2015. She came back to The Voice (seniors) in 2018 and once again finished runner-up. Could we also see her graduate from junior to senior Eurovision?

Some of our picks

Conrad Sewell

The singer songwriter with a big voice, Conrad has tasted some commercial success with three Top 10 singles including 'Firestone' with Kygo. That song also went big all over Europe. We think he could write a cracking genuine song with a cracking vocal and in Eurovision, that's half the battle.

Casey Donovan

A former winner of Australia Idol, Casey Donovan is a household name here. In her performance she always delivers a strong vocal with a sassy performance. She did it at Eurovision Australia Decides last year, opening the show with her version of 'Tonight Again'. Will she grace the stage this year with her own competitive song? There won't be complaints here if she does.


With a soulful pop sound Ruel has made a name for himself in recent years. Although he has only had one Top 40 hit, his music video gather up millions of views, he has made the Triple J Hottest 100 and he won Breakthrough Artist at the 2018 ARIA Awards. Ruel is short for Ruel van Dijk and he has a Dutch and European connection. His father was born in The Netherlands and Ruel himself was born in London. An an up and coming, truly European Australian, with a connection to the host country - what more could we want?

Melanie Dyer

Country music is big in Australia and is influencing mainstream charts for the first time in years. We think it would be great to see a country artist at Australia Decides. We think Melanie Dyer with a more country-pop sound would be an excellent representative of the genre. And how appropriate would it be to do country music in The Netherlands!

Ben Hazlewood

Another The Voice alumni, Ben has continued to produce music in the years that followed. A fan favourite and strong LGBT advocate, he has delivered good pop with some strong videos and has always been on the cusp of breaking it. Could Eurovision - Australia Decides be the break he needs?

Blast from the past

Vanessa Amorosi

Last year we saw the likes of Ella Hooper and Tania Doko return to a mainstream stage for the first time in some years. If we could see one artist doing the same again it would be Vanessa Amorosi. The Sydney 2000 Olympics singer had six Top 10 singles during her long career but has now relocated to LA. She has returned to Australia with new music recently and we could definitely see her on an Australia Decides comeback.

The Indie Kids

Ok we can't say there's been a lot of indie in Eurovision but it's something Australia does really well. There's a few artists we think could bring pop indie and great staging to really do something different and bring diversity to Eurovision - Australia Decides.


With a rock modern Blondie vibe, the issue with Olympia is choosing just which music video to show her talents. Striking styles and videos, she has the 'it' factor. A talented musician that we would fall over ourselves to see on a February Saturday night on the Gold Coast.


The singer songwriter of Iraqi-Syrian origin began writing songs to escape the monotony of studying biomedicine at university. She released a number of popular indie tracks with 'I'm Good' easily the best of them, finishing 14 on the Triple J Hottest 100 last year.

Thandi Phoenix

Thandi Phoenix s waiting to be discovered. The singer songwriter from Sydney has the 'it' factor and her recent 90s house inspired music has captured the attention of Triple J where she performed on 'Like a Version' this year. We think with the right song she could wow audiences at Australia Decides and beyond.

Cub Sport

Cub Sport a proudly queer indie band from Brisbane and make 'The Lovers of Valdaro' look tame. They bring a raw, at times ethereal and a truly genuine self to their music and videos. In the video above we have included their cover of Billie Eilish's 'When the party's over' which showcasing a stunning vocal. Probably an unlikely entrant but still on our wish list.

That's the end of the list even though we could add so many more, Thelma Plum, Anthony Callea, Cyrus, Nathaniel, Vance Joy, The Presets, Empire of the Sun and even the recent Australian on America's Got Talent, Jordan Ravi.

But like last year we expect to be pleasantly surprised with some big names, returning favourites and wildcard newbies. Bring it on!


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