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Australia Decides 2022: Voyager

About the artist

Voyager formed back in 1999 in Perth, Western Australia although it was not until 2004 when Voyager recorded their first album 'Element V' which was released through Dutch label DVS Records Holland. The album was released in both Australia and Europe where they started to gain a following.

Over the next decade and a half the group toured overseas and released numerous studio albums.

They were shortlisted for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' in 2020 with 'Runaway' and were featured in the TV broadcast.

Since their formation, the group has seen multiple line ups, but have kept the same vocalist. The current line up is Daniel Estrin (lead vocals, keys), Simone Dow (guitar), Scott Kay (guitar), Ashley Doodkorte (drums) and Alex Canion (bass, vocals).

About the song - 'Dreamer'

Lead singer and keytarist Danny Estrin spoke to Aussievision about their song release:

"The song 'Dreamer' is a very much a mixture of all the things Voyager does best. It was a challenge to condense it all into three minutes... It's got electronica, it's got the 80's pop synth, it's got a catchy chorus and of course it's got big heavy metal guitars. So really putting all the best elements in there.

"Lyrically it is positive and negative at the same time. You've got the lockdown aspirations of the "grass is greener" but at the same time realising what we have around ourselves is pretty good too. So you know a lot of those things are explored in there. It's not really a lockdown song, but it kind of is. We are not through this pandemic just yet, so there is a bit of that angst and tension in there as well."

"Of course, it's got big, heavy metal guitars, because who doesn't love that? They're all the kinds of things that we wanted to put in there. But to be honest, the song wasn't really written for Eurovision at all. It was produced to fit within Eurovision, when we found out it has to be three minutes, but it was written very much as an organic sort of Voyager song to sound like a lot of them do start, like an electronic type number, and then heavy guitars get put into it... So I'm really excited about it. I think it's really catchy. I think it's really cool. It's got ups and downs and lows and left turns and right turns. So it's, I think with the right light show, it's gonna be to epic."

What can we expect at Australia Decides?

If the video is anything to go by, Australia Decide fans can expect lots of light and colour while Voyager still retains the essence of being a rock band.

"We wanted with the video to very much capture what a Voyager performance would be, and complement that with with the lighting.

"At the end of the day, we're a band, and when we get to Eurovision, I want to make sure that we are not just a perfectly choreographed number from Azerbaijan. We are a band. And that's what we do best. That's what we've done. Why change that?"

Listen to our review and rank podcast episode

Voyager will take part in 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' on the Gold Coast from February 25-26. There are still some tickets left from Ticketkek.


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