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Australia Decides 2022: COVID rules and scenarios

SBS and production partner Blink TV have published new rules and scenarios for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 to deal with the ongoing COVID pandemic in Australia.

Let's take a look:

The venue - audience and artist gatherings and

  • The show will go ahead at the home of Australia Decides since 2019, the Gold Coast and Exhibition Centre, in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

  • The show will remain a seated event within the arena with "both the fixed tiered seating as well as non-fixed seating on the floor".

  • All audience members must enter the venue following the current COVID-19 guidelines set by the Queensland government. The audience will be required to wear masks and be double vaccinated to enter venue.

  • The audience capacity will remain at approximately 3,500 people per show.

  • The Green Room for the competing artists will be backstage with appropriate spacing for COVID safe groupings

  • Each artist will have closed individual rehearsals in the arena over Wednesday February 23 and Thursday February 24.

Back up scenarios for artists due to COVID-19

The new rules also set out various scenarios in case one of the participating artists test positive for COVID-19 in the run-up to the show, or at the venue during rehearsals, or at one of the shows with audiences.

Different scenarios will come into play depending on when they test positive and what performances are available to be used as their backup.

  • If the artist in question has completed their first individual rehearsal, then that will be used as the performance clip in the show.

  • If the artist tests positive before the Live TV Final, but had performed in the Opening Night Show then the performance from the Opening Night Show will be used.

  • If they are unable to perform at the venue at all then the current plan is to use a pre-recorded reserve clip with their live vocal and it will be integrated with some elements of the lighting and stage design for their performance.

The current plan is for these reserve clip recordings to be overseen by the Head of Delegation and the Creative Director, and only used if an artist is unable to perform.

Such recordings will each be recorded in a controlled audio recording space using the approved and mixed backing track. Three takes will be permitted over 30 minutes and the preferred one selected. No further mixing will be permitted beyond that which would be available in the live performance environment. Some editing of vision may be permitted for visual purposes due to limited camera coverage of these reserve clips.

So what should fans take from this?

These rules and requirements guarantees that 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 goes ahead. It also looks out for the safety and protection of the artists and audience to make it an enjoyable experience.

The backup scenario for the artists allows for all the artists to compete in case a COVID-19 situation arises and also protects the remaining artists, production and stage crew etc.

There is a strong commitment from SBS and Blink TV to make this event happen for fans and the competing artists and that in a few weeks we will all be able to come together and celebrate Eurovision in Australia.

You can get more information here:


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