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Aussievision team's Junior Eurovision favourites

Ahead of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Nice, France, this weekend (Monday for us Aussies), we got some members of the Aussievision team to share their all-time favourite Junior Eurovision songs.

Let's take a look at five of our favourites with comments from the team!

Carla - 'Bim Bam Toi' (France, 2019)

"There's an ongoing push-pull at JESC between the urge to send "age appropriate" music and the desire to send music that sounds like what actual children listen to. In my view, "Bim Bam Toi" balances on this tightrope better than any other entry ever has. It's knowingly a bit silly and nonsensical, but also has just enough polish that it sounds like a Proper Pop Song. It's not surprising, then, that this song did the rounds on social media back ib 2019. Carla may not have won the trophy in Poland, but with a TikTok hit and a string of TV hosting gigs in the years since, I imagine she's pretty content with how her Junior Eurovision experience went." ~Craig

Lerika - 'Sensation' (Russia, 2012)

"This is such an infectious banger. I feel like jumping up and down and dancing every time I hear this song. It is pure 2010s pop at its best. Absolutely gutted it came 4th in its year. I think it was too "mature" and "sophisticated" for the Junior competition or the other countries were just jealous. Anyways this song is simply a sensation!" ~ Sam

Sara James - 'Somebody' (Poland, 2021)

"At the time this was very much a song I liked but wasn't my favourite for the year, but the more I listen to it, the absolutely I LOVE it. What a beautiful voice Sara James has and I cannot think of a song more suited to her and JESC. The sweetest of lyrics, her gorgeous voice and the mix of English and Polish makes this song my fave all time JESC song. I think in another year this would have won. 'Somebody' has even made it to my coveted Eurovision favourites list on Spotify. I really hope we see Sara James at the adult competition representing Poland one day." ~Hayley

Destiny Chukunyere - 'Not My Soul' (Malta, 2015)

"My favourite Junior Eurovision entry would have to be 'Not My Soul' by Malta's Destiny Chukunyere in 2015. I was blown away by such big vocals coming from a 13 year old on stage all by herself. To see her work the stage and the camera with such professionalism was such a joy and of course she was a very deserved winner. I was so excited to see Destiny go on to represent Malta at Eurovision in 2021 and finish 7th. She definitely has the goods to take the whole contest one day and I'd love to see her return again in the next few years." ~Emma

Daneliya Tuleshova - 'Òzińe Sen' (Kazakhstan, 2018)

"I absolutely adore little Daneliya Tuleshova carrying the weight of debut nation Kazakstan on her shoulders - not only did she win her national final to compete at JESC, she then went on to do an stellar performance of the huge, dramatic and powerful entry 'Ózińe sen'. I literally listen to this weekly and her vocals are as impressive to me now as they were back in 2018. Big kudos on their debut JESC entry." ~Liv

What is your favourite Junior Eurovision song? Feel free to share your favourite on our socials!

Where to watch Junior Eurovision 2023

Due to Australia’s non participation this year, the show will not be shown live or via delayed broadcast on Australian television. However it can be viewed via the official Junior Eurovision YouTube Channel

The Contest starts at 16:00 CET on Sunday 26 November.

This equates to these times in each State/ Territory:

WA – 11:00pm - 26 November

NT – 12:30am - 27 November

QLD – 1:00am - 27 November

SA – 1:30am - 27 November

ACT/NSW/VIC/TAS – 2:00am - 27 November

Once you have voted let us know your favourites! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Threads and Instagram. All the links can be found at:


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