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Aussievision's favourite national finals of 2024

The national finals for the Eurovision 2024 season have well and truly wrapped up.

The Aussievision team has looked back on the season and voted for their favourite selection shows of 2024.

Each team member voted for their top five, with five points for first, 4 for second, and so on, with 1 point for fifth.

Here are the results:

Aussievision's Top 10 National Finals of 2024

(tiebreaks decided by total amount of people who voted)

10. Estonia - Eesti Laul (6 points)

Estonia brought another high-quality national final with a a diverse range of genres represented in their line-up.

9. Ukraine - Vidbir (9 points)

Despite a technical hitch, Ukraine delivered a well-produced show, English commentary for fans and a top-notch winner.

8. Lithuania - Eurovizija.LT (11 points)

A tightened-up format for Lithuania saw the cream rise to the top when it came to the finals. A great stage, a well-produced show, some quirky entries and a popular winner saw this get points from the team.

7. Luxembourg - Luxembourg Song Contest (13 points)

On their return to Eurovision, Luxembourg's national final didn't disappoint. An epic stage, brilliant production and guest performers galore. A great return for the nation.

6. Finland - Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (14 points)

Although many fans felt the songs didn't quite match the incredibly high standard of 2023, there was no doubt about the show. Slickly done, incredible stage and a host of fans travelling internationally, UMK still punches above its weight.

5. Sweden - Melodifestivalen (15 points)

The heats may have seen better quality and interest may have dropped slightly, but whenever you get to a Melfest final it truly brings it. The Swedes know what they are doing! The Björnzone interval act was probably the highlight of the six weeks of shows.

4. Serbia - Pesma za Evroviziju (19 points)

An underrated national final by fans, Serbia's PZE bring top songs, amazing production and some epic interval acts each year. The ABBA medley, Serbian stars covering Eurovision songs and Željko Joksimović performing were highlights.

3. Norway - Melodi Grand Prix (19 points)

Norway has tightened up their heat process and it's seeing some great battles and a high-quality grand final. The show had a cult favourite in Super Rob, a fan favourite in KEiiNO but ultimately it was the medieval interpretation rock of Gåte that won selection.

2. Spain - Benidorm Fest (20 points)

Spain's Benidorm Fest brings high quality songs, great production and DRAMA. In between the booing of the crowd and the screaming of the mostly male fans for Nebulossa, it delivered a cracking show yet again.

1.Italy - Sanremo (30 points)

It goes for five nights and almost 30 hours but by god, it is incredible entertainment. The line-up of songs has been considered the greatest in recent times which was a fitting tribute for Amadeus who bowed out as host of the show this year.

So there you have it, Italy's Sanremo was clearly the Aussievision team's favourite national final of 2024!

The remaining positions were:

11. Denmark - 5

12. Portugal - 4

12. Albania - 4

14. Latvia - 3

15. Czechia - 3

15. Ireland - 3

17. Croatia - 2

All other national finals did not get a point.

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