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Aussievision's 19th to 11th ranking of Eurovision 2020

Week by week the Aussievision Podcast will be going through the rankings of the Eurovision 2020 entries.

On Sunday we counted down 19th to 11th of the collated team's rankings with some surprising and not so surprising results. For those who don't listen to the podcast (you can listen and subscribe via Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!)

Here are the rankings with comments from the team:

19. Israel – Eden Alene – Fekir Lebi Average rank: 18.8

  • Highs: 11th Ally, 13th Liv

  • Lows: 29th Ruby, 26th Aaron

Ally: "You can tell it’s a song from that part of the world – and I love it for that. It’s got that ethnic and eastern sound to it, and I love it. I’m glad Israel are going with Eden again for next year, I hope they use some of the same writing teams for Eden’s song for next year, that’s for sure." Liv: "There are bits I adore and bits I could live without in this. Perhaps a product of all the different influences that have been crammed into it. Overall I think it works though and that last 30 seconds is a strong finish. Feels a bit JESC but I reckon she should just sell it - there will be young kids this appeals to that are watching ESC, milk it." Aaron: "Credit to Israel for sending something so varied and bold. I love how much they've highlighted Eden's roots (see what I did there?). It's just a shame I don't really like this song very much, on a personal taste level. For me the connection between the verses and the choruses, and the end is strange. The song has many different speeds to it, and the driver doesn't have a light clutch foot." Ruby: "There simply is something missing here despite the numerous elements happening. It seems a bit too acapella in parts, and whilst I really enjoy the use of the four different languages, not having known 3/4 of these languages results in a difficulty in distinguishing between them all. A good dance bop, but nothing I would seek out to listen to unfortunately." 18. Romania - Roxen - 'Alcohol You' Average rank: 18.5

  • Highs: 3rd Aaron, 7th Guy, 8th Kyriakos

  • Lows: 36th Ally, 27th Mike

Aaron: "I really, truly, appreciate the understated and unique composition of this song. It sits back and lets Roxen deliver an emotive vocal. She has conviction, and builds it throughout. The original didn't necessarily hit a peak but it didn't need to because she carried it through. I don't know how this would have gone in Rotterdam but it's a wonderful experience nonetheless." Kyriakos: "Roxen’s entry deserves to be in the Top 10 and the revamp with that extra oomph at the end got her a better ranking for me. I love the lyrics, and the chorus is clever and catchy. The build up at the end is amazing and the live performance on the Eurovision stage would have been spectacular. My heart breaks that we won’t get to see it live." Guy - "Great modern ballad and Roxen does sad and broody vocals beautifully. This is one where the whole package comes together perfectly – the message in the lyrics and the way they are sung, together with instrumentation that really fits the song. Top quality – they nailed it." Ally - "The first couple of times I listened to this, I couldn’t listen the right way through the song. I guess I just got bored and was desperate to move onto the next song. I still don’t like it, but I can now listen to the whole song." Mike: "She's a great performer and I loved that national final performance. Overall it's a solid modern ballad, but there is one thing that really irks me.... the use of the lyric 'fake news'. It grins me everytime I hear it and it ruins the song for me. It continues to haunt me." 17. United Kingdom – James Newman – 'My Last Breath' Average rank: 18.4

  • Highs: 9th Dale, 10th Guy

  • Lows: 34th Fleur, 25th Emma, 24th Liv

Dale: "This is the right direction for the UK. It sounds like something from their music industry, from a talented artist with a really catchy chorus. Very radio friendly song that I would find mself singing along to in a car. Not perfect, but much improved from the UK." Guy: "What a great entry for the UK to finally come up with. It’s not perfect, but overall it is pretty good – a modern sounding song that finally actually sounds representative of what should be coming out of the UK. I get there are some quirks with it that take away from it a bit, but the overall song is solid and it’s nice to see the UK taking this direction." Liv: "Step in the right can't help being from a similar nation of music culture to the UK comparing this song to better songs in the same vein. 99% of Aussies watching Eurovision know next to nothing about the Israeli music industry so when a song like Toy comes on it is nothing like what they've ever seen before. If you grew up listening to the music perhaps it would still have good impact but not "holy sh*t - this is so unique and amazing" impact. We are so familiar with this type of music you would need an Arcade style approach to make an impact with this radio friendly type of music. A long winded way of saying we've seen this before and it's not unique but it's okayish I guess." Fleur: "I don’t dislike it. It’s just that I prefer other songs and this is rather middle of the road for me. I do think that this is a huge improvement on last year’s choice. The big negative for me are some of the lyrics. They are on the basic side and overall it is not as polished as some other entries for this year." 16.Serbia Average rank 16.9

  • Highs: 2nd Ally, 3rd Liv

  • Lows: 39th Aaron, 28th Steve and Ruby

Ally: "Wow – this song is amazing! No wonder it was the Beovizija favourite this year. The first thought that I had when I listened to this sonf was that this is my perfect kind of Eurovision entry – great music combined with non English lyrics. One of the reasons I love Eurovision so much is because of these kinds of songs – songs that I just don’t here on the radio here in Australia and don’t have English lyrics all the time." Liv: "Flying, Under. The. Radar. This has all of the potential to go down in history as a standout girl group number at Eurovision. Right performance - this could have been Top 5. You can't buy the feeling that divas going full slay mode provokes in you. Serbia consistently get that televote even with questionable entries (especially when sung in Serbian) - this would do well no doubt. They're popular. This would not be an easy number to keep together, sing and make all the wigs in Europe fly off as well. I think people can appreciate that and might catch the juries attention somewhat (ie. not have a dire jury score).  That chorus is hook, line and sinker. This has the PERFECT amount of repetitiveness to make you remember that chorus without getting bored." Aaron: "I personally dislike this kind of music from the get-go, so this was going to struggle. I've never been a girl-group stan, either. Personally, I think this song is too messy and incoherent. The switches between the harmonies and the more individual bits didn't feel right - especially live. Not my cuppa. Sorry." Steve: "Three attractive women grinding away... yawn! This brings nothing new or interesting in any voting criteria for me. It’s not awful. I ranked 13 songs worse than it. It’s just... “blah” and leaves me cold." 15. Bulgaria – Victoria – 'Tears Getting Sober' Average: 15.7

  • Highs: 3rd Dale, 7th Aaron, 8th Steve, 9th Liv

  • Lows: 40th Kyriakos, 26th Guy

Dale: "There is something magical about this song. It's well produced, with a simple yet charming vocal and emotive delivery. I really feel this could have done incredibly well at Eurovision. It combined the modern elements of a 'Billie Eilish' with a throwback 60s film or Disney element as well. This has broad appeal, if done right and I adore it." Aaron: "This is very sweet, and the right kind of Disney-ish music for my taste. The lyrics are quite interesting, and Victoria's delicate vocals add to it. The composition, like a few others this year, knows when to keep its nose out of the singer's business but when it rises into its place it delivers the kind of impact I love in the slower Eurovision entries. Well done, Bulgaria." Steve: "This song delivers on two levels: it provides a point of difference AND is well crafted both lyrically and musically. I absolutely adore the simple, yet beautifully haunting melody and every time I listen to it I’m moved. It’s a lesson in “less is more” and yet still has a “moment” or two that I’m sure would have been memorable on the Rotterdam stage. This deserved a top 10 spot." Liv: "This is not usually my type of music - but when I kept putting it next to the other 40 songs it just consistently ranked high. I personally don't really know Billie Eilish or her music - all I know is it's an atmospheric, pretty, delicate kind of song which I quite enjoy.  I think the instrumentation in the last minute could have been stronger and less "big grand Disney moment" but overall I like the unique approach it has taken." Kyriakos: "Her voice is nice but the song does nothing for me, it takes me nowhere and I don’t understand the fuss behind it. It sounds safe and more like ‘Arcade 2.0’. But who knows maybe her live stage performance may have changed my mind." Guy: "I was expecting a lot and got disappointed on this. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing great about it… it’s just a bit flat." 14. Lithuania- The Roop - 'On Fire' Average rank: 15.7

  • Highs: 1st Fleur, 4th Emma, 7th Kyriakos

  • Lows: 33rd Steve, 29th Aaron

Fleur: "I'm someone who grew up in the 1980s, sythn pop was a huge genre back then and this song is a contemporary take on that. That' what really grabbed my attention when I first heard it. It was also professional, on point and slick. It may be classed as a 'novelty' song by some but it was always performed in a way that was really professional." Emma: "The first time I heard this crazy song was when I watched it win Lithuania’s national final.  The song is catchy and whilst the dance break in the middle seems a bit bizarre, it somehow works.  I may not think so highly of it if I was basing my vote on the studio version given its simple lyrics and distinctive vocal style that is not to everyone’s taste.  Nevertheless this is a song I really enjoy listening to, hence my rank of 4." Kyriakos "I actually had THE ROOP as my Eurovision 2020 winner straight after the Lithuanian national final, but as more songs go released they just happened to drop in my list. I am surprised I only gave it no.7 place in my rankings but there just so many good songs this year. THE ROOP had potential to make a huge impact but they also would have been fighting for votes that could be taken away from fans of the Icelandic or Russian entries, I would put all three off these songs in the same genre and splits in votes between them may have seen neither of them winning, but I guess we would never know." Steve: "Mediocre vocals combined with awful rhyming dictionary lyrics over a well-used dance beat and when all else fails just throw in lots of “la la Las”. Its sole saving grace (although not to my personal taste) is the eye-catching choreography." Aaron "I absolutely get The Roop's appeal but the only thing that sticks in my head about this song is their dancing. It's one to watch, and it would have done well, but I don't find myself seeking it out to listen to it." 13. Albania – Arilena Ara – 'Fall from the Sky' Average rank: 15.6

  • Highs: 1st Kyriakos, 8th Aaron, 9th Guy and Ruby

  • Lows: 35th Ally, 23rd Emma

Kyriakos: "I love everything about it, the emotion in her voice, the beautiful lyrics and the revamp is a huge improvement. I think Darko Dimitrov has created another contemporary after co-writing 'Proud' for Tamara Todevska last year. I think this is a level up from that song. This would have been a jury favourite again, she elevates the song and we know she can deliver an emotional performance. She would have smashed it! After rehearsals at Eurovision she would have been at the top of the betting odds and the top favourite to win." Aaron: "Arilena is so strong and she gives this song its wings. The Albanian instrumentation with the English lyrics would have been a stellar combination, but this is still great. For me, the lyrics aren't cheesy or plain, rather they put words to the strength Arilena shows with her vocals. Overall, a wonderful entry. I just wish they worked on a more orchestral composition for the revamp." Guy: "I really struggled with the adjustment from Albanian to English with this one, because I liked the Albanian version much more. But that being said, it still stayed in my top 10. It’s still packed with power and emotion, and she’s a great performer. I would have loved to have seen her perform it." Ruby: "I absolutely loved 'Shaj'... so 'Fall from the Sky' did note a dip in my preference for this entry, yet I still am capitavated by Arilena's vocals. I do however wish for the music video to be released, but hopefully Arilena will be back soon for Albania." Ally: "My opinion on the Albanian entry depends on which language version it is. Although it wasn’t my favourite in FiK, I still loved it. It has this raw emotion that I absolutely loved. To say I was devastated when I first heard the Albanian delegation were going to change the song into English for the contest would be an understatement. My first thought was ‘have you learnt nothing from the last two years Albania? Keeping it in Albanian is a winning formula (so to speak). I absolutely hated the English version when I first heard it. It was not as impactful for me as the Albanian version, some of that raw emotion I loved was gone. I have subsequently grown to like the English version more, but I still love the Albanian version more." Emma: "This angsty ballad wasn’t even on my radar during the Albanian national final, however being the first 2020 song to be released means I have listened to it more than I may have otherwise.  Arilena has a powerful emotive voice and the song jumped up a few more places in my rankings after the English revamp when I felt I could better connect with the lyrics.  This is a strong ballad but not the sort of song I would usually listen to, hence my rank of 23." 12. Azerbaijan - Efendi - 'Cleopatra' Average rank: 15.5

  • Highs: 4th Dale, 6th Mike, 7th Ally

  • Lows: 26th Kyriakos, 25th Steve and Aaron

Dale: "This song is a throw-back to the fantastic eastern pop of the 2000s and early 2010s. A simple pop song done well with some fanastic elements to grab your attention. I feel like I get slapped in the face (in a good way), when it starts, when 'that' voice comes on and in the last 30 second high energy finish. It's the banger the 2020 contest needed and I AM HERE for it." Mike: "This has instant impact. Although it feels at times like it's at 100 it does have peaks and troughs to give you some room to breathe. Efendi as an artist would have so much to give on stage, it's such a shame we don't get to see this live'. Ally: "Wow, this is something quite different from Azerbaijan and I love it! I was hooked on the song from the first time I listened – I think it’s the music more than anything that hooks me. At times the lyrics don’t make a whole lot of sense (but they are brave considering it’s a song out of Azerbaijan), but the beat combined with that eastern sound combines to create one great tune." Kyriakos: "Cleopatra is too much of gay and banger bait of a song. It is at level 10 the whole time with no breathing space during the song and sounds too generic. I could picture any country singing this. If this made it to Eurovision then Raylee’s ‘Wild’ deserves to be in Eurovision 2020 too. Though the Cleo-Pat -RA is infectious and gets stuck in my head." Steve 25th "Lyrically banal verses, overuse of “la la la” and the weird demonic voice. It doesn’t work for me. I’ll admit that the song has staging potential, but then I’m reminded of Aisel’s set that I saw dumped in that skip in Lisbon and my hopes fade." Aaron: "This song does too much too intensely. I struggle to write about it as I would for any other song because it's (at least) three in one. Efendi's charisma (and her rrrrrolling of her r's) is quite impressive, but I can't latch onto anything for long enough to keep holding on. It slipped away into the mid-pack for me." 11. Norway – Ulrikke - 'Attention' Average rank: 15.5

  • Highs: 6th Steve, 7th Ruby, 8th Mike

  • Lows: 34th Kyriakos, 28th Ally

Steve: "This is a well-delivered, very well performed, deceptively simple song in which an identifiable message (the conflict between seeking others’ attention and being oneself) is sold well by a talented performer with strong vocals. I also love the opening string melody. Perhaps not a winner, but jury bait and deserves a top 10." Ruby: "A truly gripping performance with wonderful vocals. Particularly love Ulrikke’s passion for Eurovision and how this entry creates a moment of its own." Mike: "A terrific Scandi ballad in its structure and execution. Although one of the old school ballads of the competition this would have still garnered attention especially with juries. This ticks a lot of boxes in what I want from a Eurovision song." Kyriakos: "Ulrikke's voice is great but the song itself doesn't grab me at all. There is a hell of a lot of attention she is seeking. Norway had so much more better songs in their national final than 'Attention'. The lyrics are extremely simple, the song is playing it safe, sounds very familiar and unoriginal." The top 10 will be announced on the Aussievision Podcast this Sunday and on the Aussievision website on Thursday 30th April.

You can see our previous rankings:


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