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Amy Sheppard releases solo EP 'Nothing But Wild'

Photo credit: Amy Sheppard (Facebook)

Australia Decides star Amy Sheppard has released her first EP as a solo artist,

Amy is part of the hugely successful group Sheppard who finished 3rd at the inaugural 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' with 'On My Way' in 2019.

The release sees Amy continue her solo project away from the group and in a different genre: country music.

Amy has said the move is taking her back to one her earliest musical influences, telling 'Pario Magazine' that it was instrumental in her songwriting career.

"I'm a huge fan of country music. We grew up listening to a lot of country music. In fact, I was hearing that music when I was learning how to song write so I've always had a lot of country influences," Amy said.

The six-track EP features 'Nothing But Wild' which has had almost 500,000 streams on Spotify already.

The song along with the second track 'Blue Guitar' have both been regular on Australian Country radio.

'Nothing But Wild' reached a peak of no.3 on the Countrytown Hot 50 radio airplay charts while 'Blue Guitar' is at no.24 and climbing.

Amy has worked with acclaimed Australian country songwriter Lindsay Rimes who is now based in Nashville.

Also on the songwriting credits is Amy's brother George as well as Nick and Tom Wolfe from Australian country superstars, the Wolfe Brothers.

So does that mean it's over for Sheppard and any Eurovision hopes for the group?

Well Amy confirmed to Brisbane radio station 4BC this week that it was not the end of the band.

"We’re writing our fourth album at the moment so I do have a little bit of downtime in terms of touring,” Amy said.

In the same interview she also hinted that Eurovision could still be on the cards for her and the group.

“Look never say never, we actually really enjoyed writing some of the songs... this year we may, I can’t really say who it’s for, but we may or may not be writing one of the songs for Eurovision this year.”

Spencer pressed Amy on who they are writing a Eurovision song for:

“I can’t say. Just in case it doesn’t happen. You know, it’s a music industry and things change every single day. I really love song writing for other artists. I think that’s one of the best parts of our job to get creative and collaborate with some really talented people.”

Asked whether Amy would try out for Eurovision as a solo artist she responded:

“I never thought about that. I think I would. Having done it once I think I would have a little bit more experience under my belt and the opportunity to go overseas to perform the song would be, and represent Australia for Eurovision yeah how can you say no.”

Amy Sheppard's EP 'Nothing But Wild' is out today with signed CDs and pink Vinyl available, as well as being released on streaming platforms and iTunes.

Any purchases of the EP can also put you in the draw to win Amy's blue guitar. All links and information available at:


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