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American Song Contest: Songs out for the first qualifying show

The first 11 songs of the American Song Contest are out!

The songs are part of the first qualifying show taking place on the evening of Monday 21 March in the United States (Tuesday morning in Australia).

The songs are being released to streaming services worldwide so aren't available in all regions yet.

The songs competing are:

Kelsey Lamb - 'Never Like This' (Arkansas)

Michael Bolton - 'Beautiful World' (Connecticut)

UG skywalkin ft. Maxie - 'Love in My City' (Indiana)

Alisabeth Von Presley - 'Wonder' (Iowa)

Yam Haus - 'Ready to Go' (Minnesota)

Keyone Starr - 'Fire' (Mississippi)

AleXa - 'Wonderland' (Oklahoma)

Christian Pagán - 'Loko' (Puerto Rico)

Hueston - 'Held On Too Long' (Rhode Island)

Jake’O - 'Feel Your Love' (Wisconsin)

Ryan Charles - 'New Boot Goofin'' (Wyoming )

For all details on the artists, the show and broadcast details, please visit our first qualifying show article.


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