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American Song Contest: Our show 3 rankings

The third group of songs competing in the American Song Contest were released today and the Aussievision team has been busy listening and ranking them ahead of show number three.

Six members of the team went through the songs, awarded points for their Top 7 with the breakdown of points being 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1.

The votes have been counted and the results from 12th down to 1st are:

12. Judd Hoos - 'Bad Girl' (South Dakota)

4 points

High: 4 points from Laura

Low: 0 points from Emma, Dale, Alana, Kyriakos and Mark

11. Riker Lynch - 'Feel The Love' (Colorado)

9 points

High: 4 points from Emma

Low: 0 points from Mark and Laura

10. Brooke Alexx - 'I Don't Take Pictures Anymore' (New Jersey)

10 points

High: 8 points from Mark

Low: 0 points from Emma, Dale, Alana and Kyriakos

9. Nitro Nitra - 'Train' (Delaware)

15 points

High: 12 points from Alana

Low: 0 points from Dale, Kyriakos and Laura

"This song was so different from the other songs competing this week. It has an edgy sound that immediately sparked my interest. Nitro Nitra has a great timbre to her voice that really appeals to me. The song went in a direction that I wasn’t expecting but I think really works. It’s something that would sneak into my usual rotation." ~ Alana

8. Jesse Leprotti - 'Not Alone' (South Carolina)

16 points

High: 6 points from Emma and Kyriakos

Low: 0 points from Dale, Alana and Laura

=6. Sabyu - 'Sunsets And Seaturtles' (Northern Mariana Islands)

20 points

High: 10 points from Alana and Mark

Low: 0 points from Emma, Dale, Kyriakos and Laura

"Just a really lovely wholesome song." ~ Alana

"Sunsets and Seaturtles is going to get absolutely MONSTERED on the American Song Contest stage. Like a turtle, it's in no hurry to go anywhere. But it's bloomin' beautiful. Imagine Jack Johnson playing jazz for a Nicholas Sparks movie, probably starring a Hemsworth brother. This will live on after ASC." ~ Mark

=6. Ale Zabala - 'Flirt' (Florida)

20 points

High: 8 points from Laura

Low: 0 points from Emma, Alana and Kyriakos

"Ale Zabala's 'Flirt' is stolen straight outta the Camilla Cabello songbook. If Selena was resurrected, and covered Paris Hilton's 'Stars are Blind', you'd get 'Flirt'. Fun, frothy Tex Mex joy. Florida so easily could've gone weird (and not in a good way), but instead they've produced a genuine bop with some regional edge. Well done to the Panhandle!" ~ Mark

5. Tyler Braden - 'Seventeen' (Tennessee)

22 points

High: 8 points from Dale and Alana

Low: 0 points from Mark and Laura

4. Brittany Pfantz - 'Now You Do' (Louisiana)

27 points

High: 10 points from Kyriakos and Laura

Low: 0 points from Emma and Mark

3. Ni/Co - 'The Difference' (Alabama)

33 points

High: 12 points from Emma and Kyriakos

Low: 0 points from Mark

"This is a beautifully produced current sounding ballad that showcases Dani & Colton's voices both individually and together. The harmonies are can feel the connection between them even on the studio version. I am so looking forward to seeing the live version...if they get it right this will be a stunning performance!" ~ Emma

"This duo sound so good together. It's such a beautiful love song. I am expecting some amazing chemistry, the song is going to sound epic on stage." ~ Kyriakos

2. Grant Knoche - 'Mr Independent' (Texas)

39 points

Highs: 12 points from Laura, 10 points from Dale, 8 points from Emma and Kyriakos

Low: 0 points from Alana

"'Mr. Independent' is so intriguing and captivating right from the start that I'm sure fellow Texan Kelly Clarkson would forgive Grant Knoche for taking inspiration from one of her song titles. This Billie Eilish-meets-Twenty One Pilots track is cool, moody and engaging, with a chorus that got stuck in my head from the very first listen. It certainly stands out in this show's lineup. Come on, America, I'd love to see this qualify!" ~ Laura

1. Jewel - 'The Story' (Alaska)

43 points

Highs: 12 points from Dale and Mark, 10 points from Emma

Low: 1 point from Kyriakos

"Jewel sounds just as good as she did back in her 90's heyday and has lost none of the storytelling ability that won her so many fans the first time around. The song itself is a bit of a hot's like the song Jewel would sing if she was going to sing in Sweden's Melodifestivalen. The anthemic chorus doesn't seem to really fit the verses and I'm not sure that the key change adds anything. But nevertheless I would love to see her in the final and I think she''ll have enough pull with the voters to get through from the public vote" ~ Emma

"I have always loved Jewel and her music and there is that story telling aspect to her in this package. This is very different to what I expected though, but I like what I hear. It has a driving 80s Laura Branigan feel, a musical feel and dare I say it a Scandi Eurovision feel with key change included, how could I not give it my 12?" ~ Dale

"I really want one of the big guns to do well at the American Song Contest and I think Jewel is the one to do it. Her voice, always captivating, feels even more commercial now in the singer-songwriter era than it did in the 90's and 00's. And this song is properly good. It might not be breaking new ground, but I love that movie plot conceit as some sort of meta-storytelling device. And how about that melody and instrumentation - there's not much it doesn't do. It starts out as Taylor Swift's 'Love Story', dips into 60's girl group drums before going full 80's Celine-Ne-Partex-Pas-Sans-Moi by the chorus' outset." ~ Mark

So multi million album seller and grammy nominee Jewel from Alaska is our winner on 43 points - the only artist to receive points from each of our jury members. Only four points behind was Grant Knoche from Texas on 39 points with Ni/Co from Alabama taking third place on 33 points. However multiple jury members commented on the quality field this week with many struggling to rank their songs as they were all so good! Once again much will come down the live vocal and staging on the night - anything could happen in the race to earn one of the four qualifying positions from this week's heat!

Find out more about the American Song Contest in our show 3 preview article.


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