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ALIKA will represent Estonia at Eurovision 2023 with 'Bridges'

Estonia has held the much anticipated Grand Final of Eesti Laul, its national selection, and we have a winner!

ALIKA won the initial jury vote, then received 42% of the vote in the Superfinal with her song 'Bridges' and will travel to Liverpool to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2023.

The winner of Eesti Laul was decided through two rounds of voting: firstly, a combination of jury and televote ranked the songs, with the top 3 progressing to the Superfinal. The results of the 100% televote Superfinal were as follows:

1st place - ALIKA - 'Bridges' - 42% of the vote

2nd place - OLLIE - 'Venom'

3rd place - Bedwetters - 'Monsters'

The rest of the jury/televote results were:

4th - Meelik - 'Tuju'

5th - Janek - 'House of Glass'

6th - Sissi - 'Lighthouse'

7th - Inger - 'Awaiting You'

8th - Andreas - 'Why Do You Love Me'

9th - m els - 'So Good (At What You Do)'

10th - Anett x Fredi - 'You Need to Move On'

11th - Elysa - 'Bad Philosophy'

12th - MIA - 'Üks samm korraga'

Who is ALIKA?

Alika is 19 years old and is a rising star in the Estonian music industry. She started singing at the age of four and has competed on several singing TV shows such as The Baltic Voice and New Wave Junior. She won the most recent edition of Estonian Idol, garnering over 70% of the vote in the Final. Alika's track 'Bridges' is written by herself and also Wouter Hardy, who was a songwriter of Eurovision 2019 winner 'Arcade' and Eurovision 2021 jury winner 'Tout l'Univers'. She even covered the former on Estonian Idol!

About her song 'Bridges', Alika says: "It's about people's communication and your communication with yourself. My song talks about hope in the choruses. I really, strongly believe that every person is strong enough to stand up and go forward. Since the song came out of anxiety and personal experiences, I believe that people will feel that. This problem is inside every one of us! If they can just for three minutes, go to another planet and be with me, and fly with me in this song, it's a win for me".

Estonia made its Eurovision debut in 1994 and has won once in 2001, with 'Everybody' performed by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton, along with 2XL, subsequently hosting the 2002 Contest in its capital Tallinn. Estonia is the most successful of the Baltic nations, finishing in the top 10 ten times. In Turin in 2022, STEFAN represented Estonia with 'Hope', placing 13th in the Grand Final.

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