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Alfie Arcuri delivers dark pop number with new song 'OVERTIME'

Image credit: @jezsmithstudio

'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2019 artist and New Wave 2021 contestant, Alfie Arcuri, is back with his latest single release, 'OVERTIME'.

This time around Alfie delivers us a dark pop number different to the "peaches" Alfie dished out eight months ago with ‘Devil’s Lips’.

'OVERTIME' is dark pop perfection with an infectious chorus of overlapping beats with deep lyrics, which gives you a glimpse of Alfie's anxious state.

The song is written by Alfie along with Sydney based R&B and neo-soul singer Chelsea Warner. The duo wrote the song back in November 2019 at the UMP's 'Writers Block' studio.

In a post on Instagram Arcuri explained that 'OVERTIME' is a personal song that many will relate to:

"The song is about anxiety.. something that has followed me around for as long as I can remember.. for anyone else who experiences this, I hope at the very least this song tells you that you aren't alone."

The Voice 2016 winner has stated that he hopes 'OVERTIME' sheds light on the mental health crisis happening in Australia’s music industry today.

Alfie released a music video for the new single which is directed and edited by Jez Smith. The video was shot on the streets in Potts Point, Sydney and in a hotel bathroom.

Last year the singer/songwriter travelled throughout Europe after competing in the prestigious international ‘New Wave Festival 2021’ in Sochi, Russia.

Alfie recently revealed how he injured himself during his time overseas which saw him fall two metres, which caused him to shatter his spinal discs leading to him suffering from severe sciatica. After suffering for months the singer underwent various surgeries to eliminate the pain.

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