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Take 5 with Markus Riva

For our second 'Take 5' profile we have a quick chat with Markus Riva, who many fans know from his entries in Latvia's Supernova contest.

This will be his sixth attempt with his best result a 2nd place behind Aminata's 'Love Injected' in 2015.

He will be competing in the second semi final of Supernova this weekend with his song 'You Make Me So Crazy' which you can stream on Spotify.

Read his 'Take 5' Q&A with us below:

1. You have a diverse background in music, which artists have inspired your music the most?

I have a classical music background so I guess that it plays a big role in my vision of music. Also national music, like Latvian ethnical music. And of course, since I remember myself I have been following pop music as well. But I listen to all kinds of artists, especially now when Spotify and Youtube are over crowded with lot of great and unique artists. I think that this world is like ocean, every day you can discover new artists.

2. So this will be your sixth time back in the Latvian national final, what drives you to continue competing?

Yes, this is my 6th time and 8th as a songwriter too. What drives me? I think that it is first of all the support I get from my fans and people. I know that lot of people want to see me on the big Eurovision stage and I want to stand there and perform too. And also some technical moments like big platform to showcase your artistry and music. And also, my character. I have been told NO! for so many times in my life. I have heard that I am talentless, that I should find something different to do in my life... I don't want to say that I have reached my highs now, but I have lot of great moments in my career because of the fire inside me. I love what I do!

3. What would it mean to you to compete in Eurovision?

As I told - it is a big platform and I wanna represent my country! Eurovision is a fun show, the biggest TV show in the world, and I have always dreamt of being there and sing my song.

4. Outside of music, what are your passions, what do you like to do?

I spend most of my time creating and working on my music. It is just the best thing to do for me. I love this creative process. And even now, preparing for Eurovision - yes, I am super scared to stand on Supernova's stage again but also - super excited and I just can not wait to show my performance to everyone. And also there are other projects going on - I just got my first role in a big screen Ukrainian movie THE PRODUCER, last December I finished second season as a host for the X FACTOR in Latvia, etc. But besides my career I love to do some sports, go to movies and eat popcorn, most of all -I love to travel.

5. Have you visited Australia an if you have - where did you go and what did you think of our country?

I love Australia! I have been there back in 2006 (If my memory is correct). That was the best time. I went to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. And I want so desperately go back there and visit Bondi Beach, eat mangos and cuddle with koalas. Hopefully it will happen someday soon!

We'd love to see you back here! Good luck for the weekend and thanks for joining us.

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