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The 10 things we know about Australia Decides

With today being the final day for songs to be submitted for Australia's first national final, Australia Decides, let's look at the 10 things we know about the competition so far.

1. Where it came from

According to our interview with Australia's Head of Delegation the format was put together after the 2017 Kyiv contest. 2018 was felt too early to get the show right and a good opportunity to 'close the door' on the previous approach with Jessica Mauboy starting and ending that era.

2. When and where it is

Ok the basics. It's going to be held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre (pictured above) which can hold up to 6000 people (though with show's stage and equipment more likely to b 4000). The live show will be on Saturday 9 February however there will be a family/matinee show earlier in the day and a jury final the evening before.

3. Conditions of the songs

Songs are sticking to Eurovision format. Maximum of 3 minutes and a minimum of 2 minutes. They can not have been made public available before being submitted and they must be in either English or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language. They must be submitted by today, 4 November.

4. There can be some international songwriters

A majority of the songwriters must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Therefore international songwriters can still be involved in a collaboration but can not be the majority.

5. The response

As of Thursday 1 November, almost 400 songs had been submitted to Blink TV and SBS including some "famous songwriters" according to Paul Clarke, Head of Delegation for Australia.

6. Song selection process

According to the terms and conditions an initial top 20 will be chosen as a shortlist with the final to be made up of 10 songs at the producers discretion. However that final number has yet to be publicly confirmed.

7. 50/50 jury and public split

We do know it's a 50/50 jury public split but who decides in case is a draw is still up in the air. The jury is also unlikely to have international members.

8. Promotion

In what we see as great news is that the songs WILL be released before the show. The songs will be promoted most likely in December/ January.

Additionally some 'familiar faces' from Europe will appear in the lead up to the event to promote. No names yet but we have our suspicions! *cough beard cough* *cough Swedish winner who loves the Australian Open cough*

9. Annual event

Paul Clarke has indicated they have closed the door on the former approach of choosing our entry. The hope is that the national final will be an annual first week of February event.

10. International watchers are being considered

No confirmation yet but organisers are hoping international fans will be able to watch and Australians overseas will be able to vote. They are 'working on it' details still to come.

So that's it so far.... we expect more details to come out in the coming weeks including TICKET DETAILS.

TICKET UPDATE 12/11/2019:

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