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Eurovision fan of the day - Sean from Glasgow

Our Eurovision fan of the day is @SeanBookless (as he is known on Twitter!) His pic below is from Vienna 2015 and he is certainly channeling his inner Electro Velvet.

What is your name and where are you from?

I’m Sean, I’m from Glasgow in the UK.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I had a dream the night that Princess Diana died that I was being operated on by French surgeons after a car crash. And then I woke up at the exact time she died. I embody the spirit of the People’s Princess.

Well.... that is interesting.... ~Aussievision

When did you first get into Eurovision?

Gina G in 1996 was the reason I sat down and watched my first full contest. I was heartbroken that she didn’t win. Now I can see why. I’ve been obsessed ever since.

We hear you, that's when it got super hyped here. Gina G, Australian legend.

What is your favourite Eurovision year and why?

1999. Amazing songs, exciting voting. It was the first contest I recorded on VHS and I watched it on repeat so I know it intimately.

I’ve got a soft spot for 2014 too as it was the first time I attended the live contest. There’s no feeling like walking into a Eurovision arena for the first time.

We were over-stimulated by the first time we walked into the 2016 arena. The whole thing went by in a blur.

Which Eurovision song:

Is your favourite?

Greece 2001: Antique - Die For You. Pure ethnopop perfection.

Should have won that year...

Is overrated?

The insufferable musical misery from Portugal, Salvador Sobral, and his tedious entry that won in 2017 #JusticeForFastFoodMusic

Was robbed?

Norway 2013: Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love. I could write a thesis on just how robbed that was.

The song has aged particularly well and is a proper classic

Had the best live performance?

Austria 2014: Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix. Hypnotic, dramatic. Totally elevated from the studio performance.

Tick - we are agreeing a lot! Well other than Salvador we chose to ignore that one.

Did you last play?

I’m on a beach in Lisbon and I’m currently listening to my favourite ever Portuguese entry: Sabrina - Danca Comigo.

Is your guilty pleasure?

Russia 2014. I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures but I like that more than I feel I should. I appreciate a good hair prop.

Great choice, unfairly treated ~ Mike

Is the favourite from your own country?

Frances Ruffelle - Lonely Symphony. It’s slim pickings if you’re British.

Any other interesting honourable mentions?

I miss Turkey a lot. Dinle from 1997 is another one of my favourites.

Do you have a favourite Eurovision country?

Israel. I love the traditional mizrahi sound that they bring. Golden Boy, Kan, Ben Adam, are all classics.

What are you favourite songs so far in the 2018 contests?

Estonia, Israel, Denmark, Macedonia, Belgium. It’s a strong year.

What do you think of Australia being in Eurovision?

I thought it was a really great gesture for the 60th in 2015. In my head, Eurovision has been synonymous with the continent of Europe for so long that it still jars with me when people say “Good morning Australia!”. I wouldn’t like this to set a precedent and end up with WorldVision as I feel like we’d lose what we have, which is pretty unique.

But I totally respect the commitment that Australia brings. You want to do well and you deserve to do well and we could learn a lot in the UK from you guys.

We do feel like the UK has started to lift their game since we arrived.... ;)

What do you think of our song 'We Got Love' and Jessica Mauboy?

It’s the best Australian entry yet. And Jessica seems lovely. But I think it’s a bit generic to win.

And finally favourite Australian song – Sea of Flags, Tonight Again, Sound of Silence or Don’t Come Easy?

Sound of Silence. I think I’ll always remember the reaction to Dami from be crowd. She took a pretty standard song and made it incredible.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Send Delta Goodrem to Eurovision. Or Kath & Kim.

Big fan of Delta here - we were all sure she was going in 2016, Dami was the right choice that year. Hopefully one year!

Thanks so much for your time Sean!

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