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Aussie Eurovision fan of the week - Josh from Melbourne

What is your name and where are you from?

I’m Josh and I’m from Melbourne.

Tell us something interesting about you?

I’m a trained ballroom and Latin dancer of about six years now.

Oh wow that's amazing, you're the Eurovision version of Strictly Ballroom! ~ Aussievision

On to Eurovision itself – when did you first get into the contest?

I started watching in 2010 but became a fan in 2012.

Do you have a favourite Eurovision year? Why is it your fav?

My favourite year looking back in 2009. Fantastic songs, an amazing stage in a giant arena. I think Eurovision changed for the better in 2009 and Russia did a great job hosting.

Cracking year, great stage, great songs.

Which Eurovision song:

Is your favourite?

My favourite Eurovision song is, and call me biased, but it’s “Sound of Silence”, Australia 2016. I was lucky to experience it live and I still get chills thinking about it

Is overrated?

Most overrated song in my opinion is “Running Scared” from Azerbaijan 2011. Fabulous songs that year and it feels undeserving of the win. I’ve never been able to get behind it.

I'm always here for that ~ Dale

Was robbed?

Most robbed? I’m still salty about Greta Salome not qualifying in 2016 for Iceland. Like, WTF? I’m baffled at why that stayed in the semi finals.

Had the best live performance?

Best live performance has to be Dami. She absolutely nailed that live vocal and had the audience in the palm of her hand. Phenomenal.

Did you last play?

The last ESC song I played was “Toy” by Netta for Israel 2018. WHAT A TUNE. Cruising down Monash Freeway on the way to work to a pro-women banger is how I want to start every day.

Is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is “Always” from Azerbaijan 2009. People seem to never love it as much as I do but I get my life when that song comes on. And you best believe I do my best Aysel impersonation. I just need a man to be my Arash.

This isn't a guilty pleasure, this is brilliant!!! Cracking song, she was amazing, staging was great, he had about 3 seconds on camera. Never tire of it.

Any other interesting honourable mentions?

Honourable mention goes to “Euphoria”. A fan favourite for good reason. Thanks for pioneering this decade of Eurovision and making countries bring their A game every year.

Out of the songs released so far this what are your favourites?

My favourites for 2018 are Cyprus, Israel, Estonia, Finland and FYR Macedonia just to name a few. But I think the standard this year is high and there isn’t many songs that I don’t like.

Agree so many good songs, no real standout - very open year!

Why should Australia be in Eurovision?

I think Australia should be in ESC given the whole country’s love affair with the contest. A lot of us have European ancestry and it allows us to live vicariously through our grandparents roots.

Are you happy with the choice of Jessica this year for us and her song 'We Got Love'?

I do like “We Got Love”. I think Jessica will be able to sell the heck out of it live, but for now it’s hard to gauge how it’ll perform.

And finally favourite Australian song – Sea of Flags, Tonight Again, Sound of Silence or Don’t Come Easy?

My favourite Aussie entry by far is “Sound of Silence”. Absolute magic and Dami did Australia very proud that night. So good

Anything else you'd like to share?

Thanks for inviting me guys! Happy Eurovision!

Cheers and thanks for your time!

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